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=== Romania Map by Andu Team ===

Version: 1.1a (Alpha)

Requirements: 1.23 version of game .

Credits: AnduTeam , Tz express(FLD for prefab models) , Frank007(Several Models)

===Information about map===

The map was transformed into standalone to work you must make a new save.

The map is in alpha stage and come updates with new roads and new cities.

Here’s the current list of cities and roads .

Main roads with high details :

DN15:Campia Turzii-Ludus
DN19:Oradea-Sacueni-Carei-Satu Mare
A3:Gilau-Turda-Campia Turzii

Secondary roads with less details :


===Modification in 1.1a===

-Fix some bugs.
-Added a background on world map with important cities.
-Block the some roads who is not finished but appears on the world map

===Know Bugs in 1.1a===

-Lack of terrain and lack details in some areas

=== Contact ===

Facebook :

Forum :

Enjoy !

Author: AnduTeam

DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 1 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 2 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 3 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 4 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 5 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 6 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 176 MB Part 7 [Sharemods]

DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 1 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 2 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 3 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 4 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 5 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 6 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 176 MB Part 7 [Uploadfiles]

27 Responses to Romania Map by AnduTeam v 1.1

  1. ionut says:

    merge in versiunea 1.22

  2. losevo58 says:

    The card is not working on 1.23.х

    • Traian says:

      Be sure to check Romania.mbd as playing module and make a new profile.

  3. roy says:

    Has anyone got this map working on version1.23. Ive made a new profile,selected romania.mdb and gone through the inital stages until the choose ‘city I wish to start in ‘ appears. Only two cities were shown on the map and I began to have doubts whether this map would work. I chose one of the cities pressed ok and the game crashed. Is there a specific order the map files have to be in because they all appear to be the same in mod manager

  4. The Gamer says:

    Sall mie imi apare part 1,2,34,5,6,7 tip fisier rar ! ma ajutatii va rog?

    • CristyMPIV says:

      Ce trebuie să faci :

      Le selectezi pe toate și dai click dreapta -> Extract here… (sau unde vrei tu)

      După ce se extrag, vei avea 5 fișiere de tip scs, le iei și le bagi în folderul „mod” din My Documentes/Euro Truck Simulator 2

      Baftă ! 😀

  5. Alex says:

    Te rog Andu nu poti face orasul Iernut (se afla la 12 km de Ludus) si fabrica de chimicale de langa autostrada dintre Ludus si Iernut (autostrada are 3 benzi, se largeste la iesirea din Ludus (Trebuie sa treci de o statie de carburant si o cale ferate) si un urcus cu curbe periculoase in 2 benzi, mergi si pe la jumatatea drumului se afla o groapa de gunoi (viteza este de 70km/h) si autostrada se micsoreaza la intrarea in Iernut (iti recomand sa faci un filtru de politie) la intrare!!!!! Multumesc de harta si largeste-o cu pasiune!!!!! Daca iti place ideea, pune-o in aplicare!!!!!

  6. Military_Pig says:

    Не работает.При начале новой игры,после выбора города вылетает.Версия 1.23

  7. The Gamer says:

    cristy le am doar rar sa le am descarcat !

  8. Winston says:

    lovely map, very nice work guys, keep up.

  9. Yannick says:

    The map does not work. I made a new profile and enabled all 5 mods.

    • The Gamer says:

      look for playing module and choose romania.mbd (where is saying europe)

  10. ionut says:

    Baieti stiti cand o sa se introduca in joc RENO T deoarece ar fi timpu sal bage in joc sou daca il aveti il puteti pune voi MULTUMESC .SI apropo de mapa este ok frumoasa si debia astepa sa o completati mu mai este mapa asa de complete FELICITARI

  11. Anatolii says:

    Amazing map!!!

  12. alu says:

    ai nevoie de vreun dlc sau doar versiunea 1.23 a jocului?

  13. jspence73 says:

    Can you add this map to the steam Workshop for Ets2 and limit the download size please cause i can’t keep on having to download all 7 parts *FacePalm* Good map any ways used it with a few car mods

  14. Mackone says:

    Map is not working unfortunately…
    I started new clean profile (no other mods), i tried combinations in mod order, nothing works, game crashes at 3/4 in first loading screen…

    Harta nu functioneaza din pacate…
    Am inceput profil nou curat fara alte moduri, am incercat diverse combinatii in ordinea modurilor, jocul crapa la 3/4 cand se incarca prima oara…

  15. soneje says:

    Map is looking good.

  16. The Gamer says:

    Foarte tare țineți -o tot asa☺☺☺☺☺ bravo mare mulțumire

  17. Sulton says:

    Excellent map, but I can’t find in DN1 Körösfő / Izvoru Crișului/.

  18. Alex says:

    merge in versiunea 1.21?

  19. Razvan says:

    Sall am o problema, de fie care data inainte sa intru in Cluj, Arad sau Satu Mare ma da afara din joc, ma puteti ajuta va rog? Multumesc.

  20. Alex says:

    Nu merge de fiecare data cand vreau sa selectez orasu in care sa incep nu imi arata nici un oras ce sa fac??

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