Romania Trailer


Tested on 1.22 public beta.
trailer standalone
available in traffic.

KiLLer Modding


13 thoughts on “Romania Trailer

  1. Frumos skin-ul . Bravo !
    La multi ani !

  2. Why not add credits Matdom 1988?
    he reworked the trailer and added to ETS2studio
    for all of us.
    What do you think?

    1. kiLLer Modding

      I posted to my other 2 trailers all credits…. here when I forgot you complain…. f…k off…

      1. I do not have offended ma affanculo ci vai tu e tutti quelli come te

        1. kiLLer Modding

          stop speaking that language…

          1. in Italian it means what you wrote (#### off) I do not offend anyone.
            I did not find in your work credits matdom1988
            I found this
            for me the debate is closed?

  3. la multi ani romania!
    happy birthday romania!

  4. Daca era facut si pentru multiplayer, era bestial <3

  5. credit : TZEXPRESS
    This to clarify

    1. KiLLer Modding

      here I used the credits but on this mod I forgot…….

  6. May I upload cargos with your trailer skin?
    (I will mention you in the credits)

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