Romanian map (Last gameplay Video)


Date release : 31.03.2013
BETA Version.
Last gameplay before release !
Have fun.

Author: elyxir

6 thoughts on “Romanian map (Last gameplay Video)

  1. no, where is the map? lazy romanian…

    1. Lazy romanian? The map was in testing phase. That’s why all these videos appeared here. Only today has been released but I won’t post the links because I did not make the map! And whoever made a map like this can’t be called “lazy”! Show some respect next time!

      1. Posteaza link-ul odata! nu ne mai fierbe! ok, nu esti lenes! :p

  2. How to download this map???

  3. mann die map soll freigegeben werden hätte können hin schreiben wann mittags oder abens oder morgens

  4. what is scania on video?

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