Romanian map


New video Wednesday with gameplay, and release 31.03.2013.

21 thoughts on “Romanian map

  1. works with


      Buy the game you cheap ####!lol

      1. I work for 200 euros on month, so … sukk me!

    2. Mak-Kyver


      ETS2 is -50% now on steam!!! so everyone who dont have legal version GO AND BUY IT!!

  2. i dont think so.. we live in 1.3.X world now.. why you just dl 1.3.X version??

    1. Bart van Ham

      Because almost everyone who runs on 1.2.5 is a pirate, due to the serial check in the 1.3 patch.

      1. Bart i know that.. 🙂 i just cant understand why use illegal product if legeal is under 20€ (this moment)

      2. no not true im on 1.3.1 and my copy is pirate

  3. and a full #####

  4. tell me and where to download the map

    1. GET GLASES!

      New video Wednesday with gameplay, and release 31.03.2013.

  5. geil..glasses, lol

  6. This map will work on all versions.

  7. Give me a link men… i am romanian:)
    Good Mod!

    1. Bart van Ham

      7 Words and some numbers is still too much for you?

      Let’s try two words and one number;

      RELEASE 31th MARCH

  8. @ Mak-Kyver – I mean the guys with old versions

    @d3yUttz – here the link

    http://www.release 31.03.2013 dot com

  9. hi there will it work with tsm map v2.1 and 1.3.1 retal version

  10. y can use only one additionally map in ets2

    1st base map

    2nd tsm or Romanian map

    and Romanian map is for V1.31

    *** Only Chuck Norris useing 4 maps, lol

  11. Hi guys and thanks for opinions
    map will be for all versions up to now and future 😛

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