Ronny Ceusters Skin for Scania R2009


This skin is for Scania R2009 trucks. It is based on Ronny Ceusters trucks in Belgium.
This mod contains:
– lightbox,
-grille reworked
– the skin.
Skin display in the store



5 thoughts on “Ronny Ceusters Skin for Scania R2009

  1. MattV8_730

    It’s me the creator of the mod, Matt_Streamline is my name on SCS Forum. I made an new version of this mod.

  2. well Matt, it is this site’s tradition to take everyone’s mods and post them here without asking…

    1. Robert this skin is made by matt_streamline!!
      its from matt_streamline!! if you don’t believe my

  3. Goood job mate

  4. Hakan thank you to say one 🙂

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