Roof Deflector for Scania R2009 v 1.0 for Multiplayer

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– Add Roof Deflector For Scania R2009 Truck
– Supports All Scania R2009 Truck Chassis
– Support Game Version 1.36



4 thoughts on “Roof Deflector for Scania R2009 v 1.0 for Multiplayer

  1. How do you het this working in TruckersMP ??

    1. First, go to the single player game
      Activate mod
      Then buy the Scania R2009 truck according to the video of the highline cabin
      Save the game and exit
      Go to TruckersMP
      In the Load section, select your save

  2. It is only working when your not going to the garage to change some thing at the truck, when you do that then the Roof Deflector will disappear. So it is NOT Working IN MP

  3. Can get ban in trucksmp??

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