Roofbar add-on for Renault Premium by Obelihnio v1.0 (1.27.x)

Mod adds a roof bar fitted to for both Renault premium cabins.

– steel/chrome/paint variant for high cabin
– steel/chrome/paint variant for low cabin
– 10 main slots for lamps/horns etc.
– 7 slots for marker lights
– additional variant for small cabin: 8 main slots, 7 marker slots; compatible with the front roof mirror

Compatible with SCS Renault Premium and other mods following the vanilla definitions


Mod is open to edits for private use.



7 thoughts on “Roofbar add-on for Renault Premium by Obelihnio v1.0 (1.27.x)

  1. fregaropa

    Nice !

  2. Sorry for a maybe dumb question, but is it only for renault? Or it could work on other trucks too?

    1. Obelihnio

      If you create proper def files it will, but it’s position can be outright wrong on other trucks.

    2. So I see you CANNOT read… It’s ONLY for Renault Premium…. ###### question… Very ######…. So if you see in the title:”Roofbar add-on for Renault Premium by Obelihnio v1.0 (1.27.x)” words “for Renault Premium” says nothing to you that’s very bad! So asking such questions is just ######…

    3. I did not mean to offend you, just pay attention to details 😉

      1. You’re lucky you wrote the second message, as I was about to blow your guts with a bunch of very bad words. Anyway I very well know how to read, just wanted to know if I can use it on my other trucks, as I don’t like the premium or any other Renault trucks (maybe other than the Range-T) cause it’s such a nice roofbar. I use on my trucks mods that weren’t originally made for them. And Obelihnio thanks for the reply, I know my way around def files so I’ll take a look.

  3. Please make it for Daf XF Euro 6, Scania Mega mod/RJL, Mercedes, Volvo 🙂 Great work!

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