Rotterdam~Brussel Highway X Calais~Duisburg Road Intersection

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Current version: 2.1
Compatible Game version: ETS2 1.32
Creator: EG0611

This mod removes old ugly intersection at Rotterdam~Brussel A1 Highway with Calais Duisburg road junction and it places hand made, brand new and better intersection.
This map mod is not dependent on map DLCs. It can be played with NO DLCs or with every DLCs.

-0005 -0002
-0006 -0002



– First Release


– Fixed misspelled “Bruxelles”.
– Fixed misplaced elevated navigation sign from Duisburg to Calais direction.
– Fixed ugly median metal barriers with concrete barriers.


– Compatible upgrade to ETS2 1.28
– Speed limit signs are improved
– Some other minor visual changes


– Compatible upgrade to ETS2 1.30
– Complete rebuild of intersection with new assets and materials
– Performance improvements
– Better signage, better traffic flow
– Minor and major visual changes

– ETS 1.32 Support
– More roadsigns are added

You can find more info at SCS forum.

EG0611, SCS


5 thoughts on “Rotterdam~Brussel Highway X Calais~Duisburg Road Intersection

  1. Another test video by Isabella Vanelli (marcoli690)

  2. work this with promods 2.31?

    1. As stated on the video, this map mod is not compatible with Promods and any other map mods that change the Belgium and Netherlands.

    1. Merci Beaucoup 🙂

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