Route Adviser and rearview camera

Route-Adviser-and-rearview-camera-1 Route-Adviser-and-rearview-camera-2

This mod I make for myself, so no request allowed.
GPS not working instead it rearview camera.

Known bugs, if you turn off one of mirrors, or mirrors in cabin not shown, camera rearview not working, It’s game optimisation and limitation.

Author: piva


21 thoughts on “Route Adviser and rearview camera

  1. the download isn’t working please fix it

    1. I don’t see any problem with download.

      1. Donatoo92

        You might only have the mod rear view camera without changing the route advisor ?

        1. You can copy gps.sii to you own mod for this.

  2. Hi Piva!

    Thx for your neverending works…..your mods are a part of my gaming experience. Great jobs. Hope you will release a running version of your perfect weather mod for version 1.22 soon. I can’t wait to use it in 1.22. I miss the dark nights and the nice looking weather i had in 1.21 because of you. Thanks very much for sharing your really good mods!!!


    1. What changed in weather in 1.22 ?

  3. Ficou muito bom…..

  4. jean-michel

    nickel merci

  5. work is volvo??? o scania rjl ?? thanks

    1. All trucks

  6. Fehler mit Kamera schürzt spiel ab

    1. PL:Weź aparat z dala od drugiej studni
      Z kamery nie znaleźć dobry

      DE: Mach mal Camera weg andere gut aus
      Mit Camera finde ich nicht gut

      1. show me the link

          1. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]


            This for all default trucks but only 1 rearview mirror
            That is not my mod.

  7. asiangeek

    Is it possible if you could get a rear view cam? like a camera directly facing back

    1. From front mirror.

  8. Hey Piva, from what i can see from the screens, this is my favorite route advisor mod. Tho, i’m more of an old school dude and i don’t want to use that rearview camera. Any advice on how to remove it from the mod?

    Btw, thanks for all your work, i use a bunch of it.

    1. Nevermind, i figured it out. Thanks, i’m enjoying the new look!

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