Route Advisor (Map Off) Mod Collection v 2.0 [ETS2 v 1.14 ∼]

Route-Advisor-(Map Off)-Mod-Collection-v-2.0-[ETS2-v-1.14 ∼]-2 Route-Advisor-(Map Off)-Mod-Collection-v-2.0-[ETS2-v-1.14 ∼]-1

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Route Advisor(Map Off) Mod Collection v2.0 [ETS2 v 1.14 ∼]: 2014-12-16


ㆍ KAAC : single monitor, dual monitor, tripple monitor

※ Keep Aspect All Center(KAAC)

v 2.0 [ETS2 v 1.14 ∼]

ㆍ Compatible [ETS2 v 1.14 ∼]
ㆍ F1 tutorial deletion, F1 Tutorial Crash Bug Fix
ㆍ Added [Keep Aspect All Center(KAAC) Option]
ㆍ Added [Center Bottom, Center Top, Right Edge, Right Top Option]
ㆍ Added [1 Line Text Bottom(1LTB), 1 Line Text Top(1LTT) Option]
ㆍ Added [3 Line Text Bottom(3LTB), 3 Line Text Top(3LTT) Option]
ㆍ Added [Text Black Background(TBB), Text Clear Background(TCB) Option]
ㆍ TBB(half transparency), Running Line Position(Center Middle)
ㆍ F6 ∼ F8 Window [With Frame -> No Frame]
ㆍ Total 12 Mods(Please use only the one mod that you like)

※ F2 Mirror Mod Deletion
Delete hud_left.sii and hud_right.sii in ui Folder
※ ui Folder is in *.scs file.(Please use WinRAR)

※ Running line Edit Method

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