Route Advisor Minimalistic Karta Centr Mirror 1.20 F6 Fix

Route-Advisor-Minimalistic-Karta-1 Route-Advisor-Minimalistic-Karta-2

RouteAdvisor – all the information in the top line, running line moved to the right mirror.
I suggest you 2 options to choose the second option somewhat increased the mirror, because I play a 27 monitor.

Tested 1.22.6

Authors: Hemil, Nikon, puxman


10 thoughts on “Route Advisor Minimalistic Karta Centr Mirror 1.20 F6 Fix

  1. No file

  2. Swizy01M91

    the link is broken…. (No file) can you please update the download link… (thanks for understanding)

  3. Karina-Moskva

    no download…

  4. Kerem Said Deveci

    No file… Fix it please.

  5. ModdingStation

    no file ??

  6. ну наконецто обновили F6

  7. Steve Stiffler

    o melhor de todos !!! vlw por atualizar 😉

  8. The Link to Sharemods is OK, I´ve just load it from there.

  9. christophe

    la classe merci merci

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