Route Advisor Mod Collection v5.0


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Route Advisor Mod Collection v5.0 by Hemil : 2014-04-27

Usage : single monitor, dual monitor, tripple monitor


Ⅰ. Compatible [ETS2 v1.3.1 ~ v1.9.x ]
Ⅱ. F1 tutorial deletion
Ⅲ. Readability improvement and Optimization
Ⅳ. Route Advisor(for GPS) improvement and Code arrangement
Ⅴ. Text position adjustment
Ⅵ. Six Mods

1. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor(for GPS)_Center Bottom_v5.0.scs
2. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor(for GPS)_Center Top_v5.0.scs
3. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor(for GPS)_Right Bottom_Left
4. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Bottom_v5.0.scs
5. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Top_v5.0.scs
6. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Bottom_Left Bottom_v5.0.scs



10 thoughts on “Route Advisor Mod Collection v5.0

  1. Bobkata[BG]

    Hello, can you give a link for the camera?

    1. step 1. open “controls.sii” file in ‘My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\YOUR-PROFILE-NUMBER folder’

      step 2. search “trackirpitch”

      step 3. change one row

      “mix trackirpitch `-0.06 + trackir.device.position.pitch?0`”

      step 4. save

    2. “mix trackirpitch `-0.045 + trackir.device.position.pitch?0`”


      “mix trackirpitch `-0.05 + trackir.device.position.pitch?0`”


      “mix trackirpitch `-0.055 + trackir.device.position.pitch?0`”


      “mix trackirpitch `-0.06 + trackir.device.position.pitch?0`”

  2. Always glad to have this in ETS 2, saves me lot of frustration.

    Thx Hemil for sharing and making this and updating it all the time.

  3. olá,poderia colocar os nomes das cidades de onde estou para onde vou….assim daria pra seguir as placas do transito, pra ficar mais real….valeu, obrigado.

  4. Muito bom, funcionando perfeitamente.

  5. Hello,

    Nice mode!
    Can you do “Route Advisor_Right Bottom” in right corner but in corner of screen.

    +————-+ |
    |route advisor| |
    +————-+ |

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Perfect mod! Have been using the “Bottom-right” until now and have now tried the “Center-top”.

    A real must-have!

  7. -updated Route Advisor Mod Collection v6.0 by Hemil : 2014-05-05

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