Route Advisor Mod Collection v6.02 [ETS2 & ATS v1.42] (Upd 28.10.21)

Update for the original mod from Hemil.
Adapted for ETS2 and ATS 1.42
Fixed some errors.
Fixed a bug when using Convoy.

Some explanations of the abbreviation in the file name (which means):

Center Bottom – map below,
Center Top – top map,
Right Edge – right edge card,
Right Top – top right map,
GSM – small card
ONM – average,
SBM – big
1LTB – 1 line of text below,
1LTT – 1 line of text on top,
3LTB – 3 lines of text below,
3LTT – 3 lines of text above.
NF – without frame
WF – with frame,
MBB – card on a black background,
MCB – card on a transparent background,
TBB – text on a black background,
TCB – text on a transparent background.

<< ATTENTION!!! >>
Mini-mirrors have been removed from all variants!
Mini-mirrors are in a separate folder inside archive.

For the mod to work correctly in ETS2, icons from ATS have been added to the main archive.

Edit: wik412

All thanks to Hemil, for the great work

Hemil, wik412


4 thoughts on “Route Advisor Mod Collection v6.02 [ETS2 & ATS v1.42] (Upd 28.10.21)

  1. The best gps mod ever ..

  2. 200 options. Thats insane.

  3. WARNING> [mod] Mod package ‘Route_Advisor_KAAC_GSM_Center_Bottom_1LTB_NF_MBB_TBB_v6.02’ does not contain a manifest file ‘manifest.sii’, creating default information set.

    1. It’s just a warning and does not affect the gameplay

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