Route Advisor Mod Collection v8.0


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Route Advisor Mod Collection v8.0 by Hemil : 2014-05-09

Usage : single monitor, dual monitor, tripple monitor


Ⅰ. Compatible [ETS2 v1.3.1 ~ v1.9.x ]
Ⅱ. F1 tutorial deletion, Readability improvement
Ⅲ. Route Advisor(for GPS) improvement, Text position adjustment
Ⅳ. Added [Black Background(BB), Clear Background(CB) Option]
Ⅴ. Added [With Frame(WF) Option], Removed [No Frame(NF) Option]
Ⅵ. Applied [Route Advisor Original Frame]
Ⅶ. [Map height expansion], [Black Background height expansion]
Ⅷ. Final Optimization
Ⅸ. 16 Mods [(WF_BB 8 Mods) + (WF_CB 8 Mods)]

01. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_BB_(for GPS)_Center Bottom_v8.0.scs
02. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_BB_(for GPS)_Center Top_v8.0.scs
03. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_BB_(for GPS)_Right Bottom_Left
04. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_BB_(for GPS)_Right Top_Left
05. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_BB_Center Bottom_v8.0.scs
06. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_BB_Center Top_v8.0.scs
07. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_BB_Right Bottom_Left Bottom_v8.0.scs
08. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_BB_Right Top_Left Top_v8.0.scs
09. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_CB_(for GPS)_Center Bottom_v8.0.scs
10. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_CB_(for GPS)_Center Top_v8.0.scs
11. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_CB_(for GPS)_Right Bottom_Left
12. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_CB_(for GPS)_Right Top_Left
13. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_CB_Center Bottom_v8.0.scs
14. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_CB_Center Top_v8.0.scs
15. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_CB_Right Bottom_Left Bottom_v8.0.scs
16. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_WF_CB_Right Top_Left Top_v8.0.scs



6 thoughts on “Route Advisor Mod Collection v8.0

  1. I see, that’s no NF CB options.

    In last mod, there was annoing background (gray) in options of Route Advisor (key F6 F7 and F8) in mod named NF CB CenterTop with no gps.

    Is there any chance to turn off all backgrounds in mod version: NF CB, without gps – top of the screen?

  2. With Clear Background in (Key F5).
    With Black Background in (key F6, F7. F8).

    Upper Technology is [Advanced Technology and very difficult].


    All Black Background in (key F5, F6, F7. F8) is very easy.


    I have realized for you the advanced technology.

  3. Is there a way to change the garage notifications’ font color in GPS?
    Ex: “Income: €5,421 (Driver John)”

  4. Hey Mate.
    I’m not sure that I fully understand You.

    Can You tell me, is there any chance to do a Clear Background in all options of Route Advisor (F5, F6, F7 and F8) and no gps included, for the Top Center version? 🙂

  5. Thank You 🙂
    This is the first mod made for me 😀
    I’m going to test it right now.

  6. -updated Route Advisor Mod Collection v9.0 by Hemil : 2014-05-11

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