Route Advisor (Reality) Mod Collection v 1.0 [ETS2 v1.14 ∼]

Route-Advisor-(Reality)-Mod-Collection-v-1.0-[ETS2-v-1.14 ∼]-2 Route-Advisor-(Reality)-Mod-Collection-v-1.0-[ETS2-v-1.14 ∼]-1

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Route Advisor(Reality) Mod Collection v1.0 [ETS2 v1.14 ∼]: 2014-12-23

ㆍ KAAC : single monitor, dual monitor, tripple monitor

※ Keep Aspect All Center(KAAC)

v1.0 [ETS2 v1.14 ∼]

ㆍ Compatible [ETS2 v1.14 ∼]
ㆍ F1 tutorial deletion, F1 Tutorial Crash Bug Fix
ㆍ Added [Keep Aspect All Center(KAAC) Option]
ㆍ Added [Center Bottom, Center Top, Right Edge, Right Top Option]
ㆍ Added [Black Background(BB), Clear Background(CB) Option]
ㆍ Running Line Position(Center Middle)
ㆍ F6 ∼ F8 Window [With Frame -> No Frame]
ㆍ Total 8 Mods(Please use only the one mod that you like)

※ F2 Mirror Mod Deletion
Delete hud_left.sii and hud_right.sii in ui Folder
※ ui Folder is in *.scs file.(Please use WinRAR)

※ Running line Edit Method

Author: Hemil


5 thoughts on “Route Advisor (Reality) Mod Collection v 1.0 [ETS2 v1.14 ∼]

  1. This does not work for me.

    I only see the sign with the speed limit.

    1. When we get a job, ETA is displayed.

  2. Nice! Hemil, what is ETS2 without your Router Advisor.. 🙂
    One of the essentials. Thanks for your effort and have nice christmas holidays!

  3. Hi Hemil. As always you did a great job. Along time ago, to be able to play car mod like in reality (without any mirrors inside – F2), I changed one of your mod and made invisible mirrors. I think your mod was called: “zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_KAAC_GSM_Center Top_3LTB_WF_MCB_TCB_v4.0”. I can’t remember. Sorry.
    My question is: may I share my mod with others here who wanna play car mod (Jeep Cherokee Safety Car) so all people who wanna play car mode like in reality to have invisible inside mirros (F2). Delete “hud_left.sii” and “hud_right.sii” doesn’t solve their problems, because they stuck with default mirrors. Of course, I don’t need any credit for my minor modifications and I’ll give you all credits. Or better, I can send you my modifications, and you can implement them in you next patches for route advisors (same, I don’t need any credits for that). I’ll just be glad if someone else can enjoy the car driving as I do, like in reality (because that jeep have a minor left mirror problem: without F2 enabled, the left mirror is frozen!:)… So my solution “fix” this problem). I keep trying in blender and def files to modify this, but, till now, I haven’t succeeded.
    If I’ll won’t have your permission, you can stay relax, because in my profession I respect other people work and then I’ll never share my modifications. They’ll remain only for my personal use.
    Thank you for your time and understanding and keep up the great work! Have a nice day, Hemil.

  4. Route Advisor mod for 1.19

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