Route Advisor v 1.0 by adi2003de Patch 1.22

Route-Advisor-3 Route-Advisor-2 Route-Advisor-1

Hello friends …

I have for the new patch 1.22 and following .. a new route Advisor created ..

withholds you the Map ….

What makes sense …

Because in real life, you have no hologram that shows you the map …

Besides disturbing is .. if you already have a navigation system in the cab .

Authors: adi2003de, SCS Software


13 thoughts on “Route Advisor v 1.0 by adi2003de Patch 1.22

  1. Just a shame you cant download it. You click the download and you have to sign up to a forum. Would have liked to try it out too

    1. He’s right!
      Post another download link, please.

    2. Just click on hunterladen when you are on the forum

  2. Shogoon1984

    At this forum you will have reasonable and competent support. This won’t you have at no other Forum.

    So take it or don’t…

    1. So better no

    2. I don’t want no support, I want only the file. Is my problem if I want some kind of support or not, but is ridiculous to be forced for having one. Who wants to increase the number of user, on his bullshit site, is best to find another way.

      So, I’ll say: pass.

  3. just tested the mod and works fine 🙂

  4. Don’t download that nonsense mod.
    We already have a very big route adviser mod.
    By Hemil in the official SCS Forum. Leave this pathetic mod and its loser owner.

  5. adi2003de

    Hey nice Stephen .. Whats your nick in our Forum ?

  6. That forum sucks camel #####. Don’t take the crappy mod. Do as osman said.

  7. Because in real life, you have no hologram that shows you the map …
    Well in real life you don´t have any texts floating in the air either…

  8. add small mirror in mod

  9. To bad it’s useless. Can’t download.

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