RST-Steel Frontprotection

Pack pipings Finnish company RST – Steel for all vehicles SCS
In addition to the Scania T & R (RJL) and Man tgx Euro6
clear log testing on ETS2 1.26

Tomek-GB SCS


17 Responses to RST-Steel Frontprotection

  1. rumpelmauser01 says:

    Download-link is a skin??

  2. Patilion says:

    Yea??? haha i go to a 100 Year Edition MAN skin¿¿

  3. lazymods says:


  4. BrianK says:

    Yes, wrong Link.
    Please, update Link 🙂

  5. The Angel of my life says:

    Hey wrong link can you can you make new link. Thanks

  6. The Angel of my life says:

    Warning ! Hey If you dont update link to real one link I will report mod to

  7. Mod says:

    It can play multiplayer?

  8. The Angel of my life says:

    Hey BrianK, lazymods, Patilion, rumpelmauser01 I think this is someone private work or its pay mod and that is why he put wrong link. This will be need reported to admins of site. Greetz

  9. Rene van Berkel says:

    link is oke

  10. Tomek-GB says:

    All very sorry. I was wrong link. Link already repaired

  11. Nick says:

    Thanks for a very nice mod can you do it in paint to ??? 🙂

  12. willy1962 says:

    can you make this compatible with RTA Kenworth K108 ?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. The Angel of my life says:

    Tomek-GB thanks for updating link. Very nice bullbars

  14. JoachimK says:

    On the Screen with the 2 Scania are 2 Bullbars.
    But I can´t find the second. Not for RJL, not for Scania SCS.

    Thank you for Help 🙂

  15. Tomek-GB says:

    With the next update of my mod I will add the missing file “shape”
    because I prepared the next dedicated Bullbars.

    • JoachimK says:

      Thank you for your Reply. I was wondering, why it is on the Screens, but not in the Mod. 🙂
      So I will still waiting for your Update.

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