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RusMap v1.6.3

Map of Russia (31 cities) and Belarus (12 cities)

Update 1.6.3:
– New cities: Kolomna
– New roads: A108, P115, M5
– Rebuilding cities: Moscow
– Added new prefabs, models and companies
– Fixed bugs previous version
– Adaptation for OpenGL mode
– Others fix
– Compatibility maps: ProMods, MHAPro map EU, TSM. More info please read Readme file.
– Note: To work correctly, the RusMap should be kept below the list of mods.
– Full compatibility 1.23 game version


1. Have the latest version of 7-Zip File Manager ready (do not use Win-RAR for extracting or opening the files)
2. Download all 4 files from the 4 original download links
3. When all downloads are complete, go into your Downloads folder. There will be 4 files with extensions .001, .002, .003, .004
4. Right click on the .001 file, and select “Open with…” and then select 7-Zip File Manager. Click OK
5. Now you will find two .txt files and four .scs files in the archive. You can find a readme.txt file to understand your load order for your map combination (also accessible in the Mod Manager with the info button for the mod).
6. Highlight all the .scs files you require for your map combination in one group, then click “Extract”, and have them extracted to your Downloads folder.
7. Cut and paste those .scs files into your mod folder directory. Delete your older version of RusMap if you have them. Then run ETS2 and enable the files in your Mod Manager with your load order.

Supported versions of the game:

1.23.x + DLC Going East! + DLC “Scandinavia”

Author: [email protected]
Author of new models: Gricko.
Used models mario1961.
Grateful for his klipstoeun8839 excellent model for maps.
Special thanks Gricko, for their help in the construction of maps, correcting all the mistakes and shortcomings, as well as for new objects that make the game atmospheric.
Thanks Vladzz-G for the correction of license plates.

Please save the original download link!!! DO NOT REUPLOAD!!!


DOWNLOAD 200 MB part I

58 Responses to RusMap 1.6.3

  1. serghei says:

    hi any chance to make them in scs. cause to complicate :(( thanks

    • Jupie says:

      Please use 7zip to unpack them. then you will get the SCS files

      • Nathan says:

        Use 7 Zip For Access To The ScS Files As Winrar Does Not Work

  2. Darsh71 says:

    corrupted for part 1

  3. serghei says:

    Win-RAR Please

  4. ione says:

    works in 1.22.2 ?

  5. charles says:

    im using 1.22,8 version will this still work ? and also i have the older rusmap 1.6 should i start another profile or just remove the older version of it? i wait for your reply before i download

  6. LW says:

    file corrupted ! fix Please…

  7. grave says:

    corupted part 1 ??

    • JoachimK says:

      How to do:
      – Download, not open !
      – Extract with 7zip to a Folder
      – Put the scs in your ModFolder.

      Do not opt for “open with” !!!

  8. jay says:

    works perfectly on 1.23 good job thank you..

  9. Бродяга says:
    Как распаковать её ? пишет ошибку

  10. adkz says:

    ets2 1.23.1 crash with this map

  11. james tooey says:

    game freezed the crashed to desktop after this hill

  12. nen says:

    Files broken.

  13. Gerd E says:

    My game v1.22.2.8 worked perfectly with many mods.
    After updating to official release the game crashed with very first start.
    There was only one way to make it working: By creating a new and empty profile (I loose my so many companies and success).
    After several attempts to import mods by using mod-manager I’ve found out that the actual version of TSM Map 6.2 is the only reason for crashing the actual game 1.23.
    So I only activated the RusMap v1.6, started the game and – it worked fine!
    As next I replaced the RusMap version v1.6 by the actual new version 1.63 – the game works fine and started immediately.
    Due to my new profile I am not yet able to drive inro the ‘far’ Russia, but I am absolutely sure that it will work fine.
    So dear readers and writers, what any problem you were confronted with by simply start the new ETS2 Update, be sure that it is NOT grounded in the last versions of RusMap.
    In advance I want to tell to the creator of the RusMap – the aldimator – my big compliments for his so hard efforts to create the series of RusMaps. This new version, same as the last v1.6, seems to work absolutely perfect with the new game version.
    Soon I will drive into the russian areas and I will see the results of the new RusMap 1.63.
    Wish all of you the best – and special greetings to aldimator – keep on with your excellent work! To remind all of you: He brings all the stuff to you just for FREE! Thanks again.

  14. Gus says:

    Files broken, please fix them.

  15. Humanoid says:

    no broke files however scs map files needed pack smaller if no sound files in mod pack

  16. valera says:

    Обизательно скандинавию

  17. Googlefluff says:

    I’m also getting corrupted files.

    • Googlefluff says:

      Finally got it to work. Not sure what I did differently.

  18. JF says:

    great map! thank you very much !

  19. Luciano says:

    crash when I go to estonia and latvia since Pskov. I have promods 2.0

    • Adamisch says:

      that version is out of date my friend. It should be 2.02 to this version of Rus Map

  20. heavygamer70 says:

    Great job again, thx, best map ever, have them with RusMap 1.6.3 on 1.23 and both work without bugs.

  21. radsan says:

    Well done and it works well Thanks to the authors

  22. Sven says:

    ^Bitte überarbeiten,den die neue ProMods 2.02 verträgt sich nicht mehr mit der Rusmap,spiel stürzt in Siedlce immer wieder ab

  23. KARCEMACKERS says:

    bug report . belarus and poland road no connection

    photo 1 :

    photo 2 :

  24. rogerio says:

    this map workout scandinavia ?

  25. Comstock says:

    läuft bei mir hervoragend. saubere arbeit, sehr kreativ, großes kino.
    addon crasht leider. vieleicht kann man da noch was fixen.

  26. sedat says:

    game crashing with promods 2.2

  27. Lucretius says:

    Game Crash on A9 in Latvia while switching to P98 to A10 while going to Ventspils after the bridge

    this combo is great promods and russia map, but is kinda frustrating while doing long hauls , suddently the game stops , i had to warp to the city to continue, great work nonetheless,

  28. Angelo says:

    Great job, as usually. Thanks aldimator

  29. matt byrne says:

    would have been a LOT easier just to winrar the files,rather than the complete faffing about with 7zip :{

  30. kamillo2001 says:

    I do not want to unpack says that I can not open I ask for your help. I do not give advice.

  31. Miguel Macias says:


  32. liakos01 says:

    all fake….dont download it

  33. Ralph says:

    Corrupted files. 7zip cannot open. Doesn`t work! Please use the conventional winzip, or scs files. Thanks.

  34. Joe the gamer says:

    Map works perfect, thank you very much! SCS software should be proud of you 🙂

  35. Rodrigo F. says:

    Guys, these files aren’t corrupted! You only need to extract it using the 7-zip software instead of Winrar.

  36. iwktott says:


  37. christophe says:

    cool merci Map works perfect, thank you

  38. phil7 says:

    please can you do something for promods 2.03 as this map crash 1.24 version not compatable with promds 2.03

  39. Davi says:

    meus aquivos estao dando corrompidos nao consigo descompactar

  40. GamerLionfish says:

    Does with work with ProMods 2.10 & ETS2 1.24?

    • JoachimK says:

      I have ProMods 2.10+RusMap 1.6.3+Indo

      No Problems anyway. 🙂

      • maddogminnick says:

        ok so how many times did you have to download it to get a non-corrupted file? i’ve downloaded all 4 files 5 times each, & they’ve all said corrupted file when using 7zip. so what gives, i had this map recently & had to do a clean reinstall which wiped my mod folder clean too, but now i cant seem to get a good download of it.

  41. silvi hoxha says:

    How to install tell my pleas

  42. wow says:

    any one knows how to remove those trailer of war i like the map but not with those trailers of warand BTW i have my own trailer pack

  43. Walter says:

    RusMap1.6.3 is declared to work with game v1.4. No way, (“not autorized”). Why do we get this wrong information on ModHoster Website? (“Ready for gameversion 1.4”). Premium download money payd for nothing?

  44. senninha says:

    best map but can any one fix train pass on velikiye luki , both side of city gate dont open =(

  45. J.P. MOTORSPORTS says:

    Can’t wait for it to be updated to version 1.25, I miss playing this great map.

  46. lussynik says:

    promods 2.02 + rusmap 1.6.3 awesome mods and the game doesn’t crash during the loading

  47. ets2 bg says:


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