Rudi 30 New Skins for Schmitz S.KO v 4.0

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Added 30 new skins to my previous pack. Total = 70 skins.

– Medium quality (2048)
– Standalone
– KI traffic
– Cargo
– Game Version 1.28 and up
– Clean game log

Trailer: Rommi TZ – Skins: Rudi


7 Responses to Rudi 30 New Skins for Schmitz S.KO v 4.0

  1. licinio says:

    Rudi please make these trailers for ets2 v1.30 krone 4achs jumbo curtainsider and TZ Express – Feldbinder KIP Silo Trailer

  2. Koldaka says:

    There are no companies from France and Italy.

  3. Rudi says:

    this trailer was made for game version ~1.22.
    i only updated the stuff what was needed to work without any warnings or errors for 1.30. i not touched anything else.

  4. BEAST says:


  5. Mike says:

    Nice work with these packages !

  6. willy1962 says:

    Thank you Rudi much appreciated.
    ( keep up to date in future )

  7. plar says:

    How do i put it in my game?

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