Rudi Skin Addon for Kast NTM Semitrailer

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Did 21 skins.

You need the original mod which you find here:
Without the mainmod my skins will not work!!!
The addon must be placed above the original mod.

You will see the trailer also in traffic.

01) Stensli
02) Feldmann
03) Lehnkering
04) Trävaror
05) Greencarrier
06) metso
07) LogiTrans
08) Fresh Logistics
09) unite
10) CLdN
11) Älvsbyhus
12) Polarline
13) Daniel Gustafsson
14) Nordcarrier
15) jacsped
16) HCS
17) Koff
18) CargoLine
19) APL
20) IDS
21) Indexator

For any questions, you can find me in the SCS forum.

Trailer: Kast Skins: Rudi


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