Rudi Skin Addon for Pendragon Volvo FH 2012 / Kast NTM Box

Did 20 Skins for the NTM Box, same like i did before for the NextGene Scania.

You need the Volvo: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=165649
You need the NTM addon for the Volvo: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=250462
Without the mainmod my skins will not work!!!
The addon must be placed above the original mod.

This mod use the new paintjob system. Right now i did no skins for the Volvo, so i made them all simple black.

For any questions you find me in the SCS forum:

Truck and connecting the box to the Truck: Pendragon NTM Box: Kast Skins: Rudi


2 thoughts on “Rudi Skin Addon for Pendragon Volvo FH 2012 / Kast NTM Box

  1. bonsaier002

    bitte für den volvo 2009 ,wäre super

  2. really nice! now i can drive a beautifull scandinavian styled scania AND volvo! 😀 thank you very much for this! greetings from Holland

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