Rudi Skin mix for Kraker – XBS MAN – RJL Scania

– Added 6 new Truck skins for the MAN (standalone)
– 4 skins for XBS Equipment rack
– 7 skins for Kast Kraker / RJL Scania Addon
– 3 new skins for XBS Krone BDF
– 3 skins for XBS Pacton Container
– 2 new skins for XBS Schmitz Cool BDF
– 2 new skins for XBS Schwarzmüller long
– 1 new skins for XBS Schwarzmüller BDF
– 1 new skins for XBS Schwarzmüller Tanker
– 11 skins for Kast Kraker trailers, incl dolly (standalone)

Many of the skins a re combo skins. That means, you will find them at XBS Truck/Trailers, and at Kast/RJL Truck/Trailers.
For example you can drive now the RJL Scania, with Kast box and a trailer from XBS, with same company skin.
Or,…. XBS MAN Truck + box + Kast dolly with same company skin…….


If you want play with all skins, you need following main and addon mods:

RJL Scania: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=177963
Kast Trailer: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=233975
Kast Kraker Addon for RJL Scania Truck:
XBS MAN Truck and Trailer: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=242487

Loading order, see picture.

The Trucks and Kast trailer skins are standalone, and you don´t need to remove them if you want change the skin.
All others are replacements. You want another company, for example for the Krone BDF, you must change the skin in the modmanager.
But you can change the skins anytime without getting teleported back to the garage.

For more information, you can find me here:

Trucks and Trailers: Kast, RJL, XBS. Skins: Rudi


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