Rudi´s Chereau Skins for Version 6 (V1)

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If I´m not wrong, this is the Chereau v6. I have taken the trailer base from R Roorda. (
I fixed only some files for 1.27, added the trailer to ETS2 Studio, and made some skins.

All credits for te trailer goes to:

Nabil convert for ETS2
Sergei Troubetzkoy

I hope I´m right with that. The latest version of MD Modders Chereau you find here:

I´m really happy that I found this version. I love the Chereaus also a lot, very nice trailer, but always the size (MB) of the trailer was to big for me.
More then ~45 MB let my game stuttering, and i hate stuttering. So I never played with him ingame.
This version has only 40 MB, and works well for me. Also the spwan rate are very well, because of the old ETS2 Studio file system.

– Medium quality (2048)
– Standalone
– KI traffic
– Cargo
– Game Version 1.27!!
– Clean game log.

I did 14 skins from real companies, later will follow more.
In order:

Germany: Arslan Kebap, F und R Logistik, Gerstlauer, Gruber AG, NTL
Holland: Fresh Trans, Heebink, simex, Zandbergen
Lithuania: Hoptrans
Poland: Glob-Trans
Russia: Trasko
Czech Republic: smart wheels
Belarus: APS

Nabil convert for ETS2 Quentin Kamaz Man400 Sergei Troubetzkoy Ventyres Sergeev MDModding Fred_be Skins: Rudi


7 Responses to Rudi´s Chereau Skins for Version 6 (V1)

  1. zoso says:

    MDM Chereau V3

  2. Rudi says:

    also possible, i´m not really sure. 🙂

  3. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  4. Vinnie says:

    Great work, thanx a lot!

  5. zoso says:

    This trailer has long since I do not use it in the game
    But in the file manager I added, I reported the exact name in the description of the original mod (I did not have the file manager)
    And I do not remember where I downloaded it.
    I think only Matdom1988 can solve the mystery

  6. willy1962 says:

    Thanks very , much very nice pack.
    Well Respected .

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