Rudi´s g10 Traffic v 1.2 for 1.26

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v1.2 05.02.2017

What is new? Everything
– improved the traffic in general. better high traffic in the morning and afternoon.

this time i used…
uset g_lod_factor_traffic and uset g_traffic 10!!!
how to set it, see below.
but tested the traffic also with level 5, and still works nice.
for sure 1 will be also not bad. it´s up to you and your PC which level you choose.

like i said before, a good semaphore mod will help a lot at junctions. i am using still the one from brainiac.
you can find the mod here:
(2. part: Improved semaphore cycles)

like before.
– support for the Sound Fixes Pack from Drive Safely
– works perfect toghter with Jazzycat´s AI Cars.
– i changed some speeds and torques from the original SCS AI cars.
– the mod will work at any map.

the behavior of the AI´s are still friendly. not many stupid moves, from time to time some little accidents.

there are still many things what i wanted to try out, but mods like this will be never finished. so i update now.

the rush hour in the video will start at ~16:30 ingame time.
the qualtiy are not that well, HDR was off.
for more information, please visit the SCS forum.

feedback always welcome.

have fun. 🙂

Credits: D.B Creation, piva, karpiu, Frachti, supric, Tiramisu


6 thoughts on “Rudi´s g10 Traffic v 1.2 for 1.26

  1. i forgot to explain how to change the uset g_lod_factor_traffic and uset g_traffic:
    you find it here at your PC: A/B/C?:\Users\name\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\config.cfg
    open the config.cfg with the editor or notepad, and set uset g_lod_factor_traffic and uset g_traffic to 10, or what ever you prefere, and save it! the scale is from 1 till 10.
    restart the game! in the mod manager it must have a higher position then maps and traffic packs like from Jazzycat. but not above sound mods.

  2. Can you link the GPS please?


    and my zoom are little bit different like the original. for this you must take this map zoom mod.

  4. what map is that u play???????????

  5. you can see at the end of the video which mods i used.

  6. Bonjour, le son du moteur de votre MAN est super.
    Quel est ce mod, svp ?

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