Rudi´s Krone Cooltrailer Skins

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It was for version 1.23.
All credits i found for the trailer was micha bf3.

The trailer works well with 1.27, but don´t have animation, and………
has a collisions problem if you want play with a 4×2 Truck chassi.
If you want take a freight with this trailer, you must take a chassi where the fifth wheel sitting not to close to the Truck cabin.
Just watch the video. It´s not a big problem, if you know about it. Best way, take a 6×4 chassi, they will work well.
Maybe one day i will learn to work with Blender, then i will fix that.
If anyone else like to do that, feel free. But remember, this trailer modell is not mine, i did only some skins.

– Medium quality (2048)
– Standalone
– KI traffic
– Cargo
– Game Version 1.27!!
– Clean game log.

I did 10 skins from following companies:

France: sonepar
Germany: Cargoline/Wackler, WWF
Polen: Kolporter
Sweden: Tidatrans, Nils Hansson, Lehnkering, Cargorange
Switzerland: Schützengarten, Carno

Trailer: micha bf3, Skins: Rudi


3 thoughts on “Rudi´s Krone Cooltrailer Skins

  1. MrGamerShow YTB

    Hd test video 1.27

  2. nportegies skins

    It’s a pity that the cooling does not work with you.

    I’ve shared this trailer for version 1.27, so you’ve got the old version of new skins.

  3. tested the one from you, same collision with the DAF 105. also all files 100% the same.
    but thanks for your response. 🙂

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