Rudi´s Profiliner Pack 1.0 for game version 1.27

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My first skins ever. Even never worked before with any paint or grafhik progams.
So I´m a beginner, and I hope next trailers will be better.

– This trailer skins made for the game version 1.27!
– No errors or warnings in the game log! Yes, it´s possible, also for a newbie like me.
It takes around 2 minutes more time for each trailer to make a clean Mod!
– Graphik setted to medium reselutions. Something with 2000.
– KI traffic.
– For each trailer 2 cargos.
– Don´t replace any other trailers.

20 different skins from real companys. I was trying to make the skins real like i saw the trailers,
but with my low skills it was not always possible.

2 Turkey: Alfa, Barsan
1 Serbia: Darkom
1 Slovenia: Draganovis
2 Bulgaria: Dunapack, JetTrans
2 Poland: Fortis Sound, Aldo
1 Czech: Retex
1 Italia: Susa
1 Russia: Classen
1 Estonia: Karuse
1 Nederland: Plokker
5 Germany: Cargo Sleep, DU, Haarhaus, Linister, tews,
2 International/No name: ThyssenKrupp, No name



5 thoughts on “Rudi´s Profiliner Pack 1.0 for game version 1.27

  1. Bravo Rudi, (no error)
    Now you have to do another little effort
    Explain to your enemies how to modify PMGs.
    Question Which software did you use?
    I am updating my trailers, but the folder structure is somewhat different.
    You are free to not answer.

  2. lol
    i don´t need enemys, i´m married. 😀

    i used, Dxt and ETS Studio.

    and how do convert, i made a little guide for you. 😉

    1. Ciao Rudi
      I was kidding, I was referring to all those who do not want to accept your advice. I was married but I did too many mistakes.
      I thank you for the guide but I do not use steam, but is it possible even on no steam?
      I’m learning to use blendertools and for me it’s a bit complicated because I do not know English.
      Thanks again, you’ve been very kind, and I hope some of the imbeciles appreciate your guide, so learn, and then become professors and block the
      I wanted to tell you that I did a tutorial how to add new trailers to ets2
      If you may be interested in finding it on my page.

  3. for none Steam version i don´t know, sorry.
    but i think it must be possible there too. somewhere in the start options? 🙂

    1. Do not worry, you’ve done enough for me
      And thank you for your response.
      CiaoZ buona serata

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