Rudi´s Rush Hour 1.0b Improvement Update for 1.26

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Because I could make some good improvements, I update now once again for 1.26!!
If there should be no bug reports, then the next version will be for 1.27.

– Less accidents at highways = better traffic flow.
– After an accident the AI´s have better behavior now.
– To cross junctions without traffic lights should be now easier.
– Trucks drive faster uphill.
– Improved change lane behavior
– Higher corner speed.

I recommend improved semaphore cycles by brainiac. This mod can be found in the ProMods forum, the thread name is:
Better traffic flow, curr. Hungary rebuild, and other mods.

This mod should be work with any maps, and traffic/trailer packs.

Supported Drive Safely´s Sound Fixes Pack.

More demo videos you can find at my youtube channel.

Have fun.
Rudi 🙂



10 thoughts on “Rudi´s Rush Hour 1.0b Improvement Update for 1.26

  1. Way too much vehicles dude..

    1. this is absolutely nice \^_^/

  2. Micheldeutscher


  3. Nice traffic mod Rudi,keep going…

  4. Hi, good job and i have a question does the mod have anything about the high dammage in the truck and the trailer in case of accident ??thanks again..

  5. топгеран

    отличный трафик-нескучно ездить -для слабых компьютеров сделайте пожалуста-автору за мод +10

  6. Fox,

  7. Rudi

  8. 1.27 Testeversion:

    But it will look a little bit different. My mod should played toghter with some Trailer Mods, but there a not many trailers yet. So i think there will be not that much traffic in the moment. But it works without errors, but must tested more.

  9. sorry, something was wrong with the link before. the post can be deleted.

    1.27 Testversion:

    I think there will be a little bit less traffic. Thats because we can´t play in the moment with trailer packs, so we will missing more Trucks at the streets.

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