Rudi´s Skins for Fruehauf Iceliner v 2.0

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Added to my first pack ( 20 new skins. Total = 50 skins.

– Belgium: Bio Pharma Logistics, Sitra
– Germany: bofrost, Euro Courier, Houber, Mezger/Transfrigroute, Noerpel
– England: British Gypsum, RPL Transport
– Finland: Hankkija, metso
– Greece: Sarmed
– Holland: Deij, Refreso/Hardthof
– Ireland: Carna
– Norway: bama, Marine Harvest
– Poland: Francepol, Mazafruit, PKS

Credits for the trailer: Elitesquad Modz and Niksarli
Skins: Rudi

I have only made the skins.

– Medium quality (2048)
– Standalone
– KI traffic
– Cargo
– Game Version 1.27 + 1.28!!
– Clean game log

Trailer: Elitesquad Modz and Niksarli Skins: Rudi


3 thoughts on “Rudi´s Skins for Fruehauf Iceliner v 2.0

  1. Thank you for your magnificent trailer skins. Could I just ask when you say you have added 20 skins to original set can I remove those and replace with these new downloads and all are included? Thanks for all your work

  2. yes, you can remove my first pack. the old skins included in the new version.

  3. willy1962

    Thanks very , much very nice pack.
    Well Respected .

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