Rudis Skins for Kast NTM Tandem Trailer v 2.0

Added 15 more skins to the tandems, (long and short) to complete the combinations with the Truck Boxes.
Total there are now 36 skins.

If you have my first version, you can delete it.

You need Kast main mod: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=250206
Without the mainmod my skins will not work!!!
The addon must be placed above the original mod.

More infos you find here:

Tandems: Kast Skins: Rudi


2 thoughts on “Rudis Skins for Kast NTM Tandem Trailer v 2.0

  1. nic additions …
    I’ve always looked at the AI Hindelang while passing and wanted to have it aswell.. Great Work !!!

  2. где снова искать гребанные твои скины Руди. На каких сранных прицепах.

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