Rudis Truck and Trailer Skins for XBS MAN 2010 Mod

I did 15 Companie skins which you can use with XBS MAN TGX 2010, and with SCS default MAN TGX.
They are all standalone. In the Modmanager you must give the file a higher position then the MAN main mod.

To play my trailer skins you must have XBS Truck and Trailer mod. Without it will not work!!
You find his mod in the SCS forum, here:

You can use always only one skin file for each trailer type!! (see image)
This skins replace XBS basic skins! You must place the skins above XBS basic mods!! (see image)

You don´t need to unzip my files, just put them like they are in the Modmanager!!

Author for the basic Truck and trailer is XBS. Thanks a lot.
I made only the skins.

I did skins for:
Krone BDF
Schmitz BDF
Schwarzmüller long
Schwarzmüller BDF
Schwarzmüller Tanker


Truck and Trailer: XBS Skins: Rudi


3 thoughts on “Rudis Truck and Trailer Skins for XBS MAN 2010 Mod

  1. MCP project?

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Thanks Rudi for Skinpack 🙂

  3. very nice !

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