Runiran Volvo B12B TX v 2.5

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Hi My Friends !

Runiran VOLVO B12B TX v2.5

Last Version Has Some Problems (Interior Texture – Missings – Warnings in console and …) i fix all of them
Please Download This Version .

1- Fix Many Body Problems (in 3D Max)
2- Fix Physics
3- Added More Tunings
4- Fixed FPS Drop (Low FPS)
5- added 3 wheel cap with paintable ability
6- Fix Skin Problem (Make Template 4096×4096)
7- Added interior Mirror
8- Added Interior Light (O)
9- Added Custom BackLight
10- Fix Back LED Panel (Realestic)
11- Fixed Wiper Animation
12- Decrease Mod Size (560 MB to 260 MB ? )
13- Fix Passenger Mod (Col)
14- And Many Many Fixes…

Mod Is Unlocked For Editors ?

Please Don’t Reupload This Mod To Other Hosts

Compatible For 1.23.1s
Tested on 1.23.1s

Don’t Forget Reading Readme!

Have Good Time ?

Authors: Mahyar.Gh – SHOOFER – Nice2000 – RezaHNA – GHOST GT – ariaei group pc


26 Responses to Runiran Volvo B12B TX v 2.5

  1. Mr.Undesirable says:

    Works on 1.22.x.x?

  2. radsan says:

    Hi there. Thank you for your work, I think very well sikeredett mode.
    The previous method also próbáltam.Két thing is not működött.Az mod one of the passenger and the other in love, despite GPS requried, it is well modeled the movement of buses and special like the door kinyithatósága.További kivánok.radsan good job.

    • radsan says:

      Everything works, but the passenger did not mod. Could someone give some advice. It is activated, but it was not working. Thanks

  3. Anders says:


  4. Dejvo says:

    Thanks for mod. For me (steam, 1.23, with lot of another mods) works perfect.

  5. jspence73 says:

    So can we now play this bus since it’s now dropped the fps Rate?

    • i like bus says:

      For slow pc no!
      But,for normal pc yes.
      Thanks for fix problems.
      its Best buses mod for ets2,good job dude.

  6. FSXNOOB says:

    Great mod thnx 🙂

  7. osman says:

    MAHYAR, this is a piece of art, thanks. But:
    1. Some tobj files malformed.
    2. Passenger mod have some missing mat files.
    3. Dashboard.sii need some rework.
    4. The bus has some missing mat files too.

    Fix, them please then we can say it’s “Compatible For 1.23.1s”.

  8. Goktug Men says:

    Great work well done but passengers doenst work for me I cant find it in jobs.

  9. Anders says:

    needs to get updated for the newest version of the game ( it crashes when i go into Volvo dealer. plz bring this bus back to life 🙂

  10. Mr. Handsome says:

    Works on 1.24.x.x???

  11. pewdiepie says:

    Help the passenger mod.scs does not work, i activate it but it does not show in any cargo :'(

  12. enginner says:

    work in ?

  13. simonne plott says:

    Fantastic commentary . I was fascinated by the points ! Does someone know if my company might be able to access a blank TX CR-100 document to fill out ?

  14. anders says:

    needs to be updated in 1.26 gps do not work anymore..:/

  15. champ says:

    great mod thanks, sir can you also make a daewoo BV115?mod thanks. sir can you also make a daewoo bv115 bus?

  16. champ says:

    great mod thanks ITSONE OF THE BEST BUS MOD EVER IN ETS, can you also make a daewoo BV115?

  17. abe says:

    doesnt work 1.26x

  18. fda says:

    ETS2 happy

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