Runiran Volvo B12B TX v 2.5

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Hi My Friends !

Runiran VOLVO B12B TX v2.5

1- Fix Many Body Problems (in 3D Max)
2- Fix Physics
3- Added More Tunings
4- Fixed FPS Drop (Low FPS)
5- added 3 wheel cap with paintable ability
6- Fix Skin Problem (Make Template 4096×4096)
7- Added interior Mirror
8- Added Interior Light (O)
9- Added Custom BackLight
10- Fix Back LED Panel (Realestic)
11- Fixed Wiper Animation
12- Decrease Mod Size (560 MB to 260 MB 🙂 )
13- Fix Passenger Mod (Col)
14- And Many Many Fixes…

Mod Is Unlocked For Editors 🙂

Please Don’t Reupload This Mod To Other Hosts

Compatible For 1.23.1s
Tested on 1.23.1s

Don’t Forget Reading Readme!

Have Good Time 🙂

Authors: Mahyar.Gh – SHOOFER – Nice2000 – RezaHNA – GHOST GT – ariaei group pc


9 thoughts on “Runiran Volvo B12B TX v 2.5

  1. رو ورژن 1.22 کار نمیکنه؟

  2. He was perfect his work, now works well without problems and leave to skin

  3. ImperialJudgement

    Awesome mod! I do not have time to make a test video today, but i will try as soon i am available to!

  4. loool,awesome,good job! Thanks mahyar and other friends.
    Work perfectly,without any problem,again thanks.

  5. FragmaniaGame

    1080p HD Test Video:

  6. Really nice mod, thank you

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