Runiran Volvo B12B TX

Runiran-Volvo-B12B-TX-1 Runiran-Volvo-B12B-TX-2 Runiran-Volvo-B12B-TX-3

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Iranian Bus With Passenger Mod!

– Standalone Truck Dealer
– HQ Model
– AO Texture
– Passenger Mod
– 2 Colored Skins
– Bus Physics
– A lot of Options And Addons
– Interior Accessory DLC Ready!
– Mod Manager Ready!
– Template Ready!
– Clear log

Compatible For: 1.22.1
It Is Not Allowed To Edit.

Have Good Time 🙂

Author: Mahyar.Gh – SHOOFER [EM GROUP]


38 thoughts on “Runiran Volvo B12B TX

  1. Password?

  2. password?

    1. pass : ” Without http:// “

      1. Mahyar378

        link changed

  3. This is the first good Bus Model in ETS2.
    Thank you mate!

    1. Yes we need the Password -.-

  4. Mahyar378

    Oh Sorry Link Will be Change

  5. What is the password

  6. Russian beast

    Maybe it is really the first good Bus Model in ETS2, but alas (!) without a password nobody could drive this bus.

    1. i haven’t seen it

  7. Please password 🙂

  8. zbyszek300

    password VOLVO B12‌B TX

  9. Mahyar378

    link changed

  10. Waldemsr225

    The game crashes every time I want to customize the bus.

    (Sry for bad english).

    1. Yes, my game crashes too when I want to change something…
      I cant even add the wheels on an other truck.

  11. Mahyar378

    if you have crash you shoud upgrade to 1.22

    this bus working just in 1.22 patch!

    because tires def is changed in 1.22

  12. The password is not working

  13. The perfect bus mod so far!!! i just love it! but it needs a lil bit of work 😛 the gear sound is just weird sounds like someone hits the engine and the wipers when it rains needs some work as well…when u go to cam 4 inside the bus while it rains, the rain is inside the bus as well…but totally an amazing bus just love it!

    1. oh and i cant find the gps as well 😛

  14. The Password does not work for me.

  15. Mahyar378

    My Friends Sorry For Some Bug In Interior Texture

    thats will be fix very soon


    1. its okay! i love the mod keep working on it! 🙂

  16. LilSpoopyFloof

    How do you get the template for repainting?

  17. PewDiePie

    Errors 1.21 patch every time i change color or try customize this the game crash please fix this

    1. david.david

      kos mashang ????
      v1.22 ?

  18. whats the map

  19. ÜDV!
    Van egykis baj! Meg akarom venni a buszt , de rögtön kidob.[le áll a játék működése}! Létszives segitsen valaki! :{

  20. it has bug in 1.22

  21. I do not see where it has GPS ?

  22. Passenger mod is not working for me?Any suggestions?

  23. In wat order do ai add them to the mods

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