Rus Map v 1.2

Rus-Map-v-1.2-1 Rus-Map-v-1.2-2

Update 1.2 version:

New cities:
– Russia: Moscow, Great bows
– Belarus: Vitebsk, Orsha, Mogilev, Gomel, Mozyr, Pinsk

New roads:
– Russia: M9, P51
– Belarus: M8, M10, P112
– Fixed bugs of previous version

Compatible with:
– Promods v 1.6.2
– Map of Europe from MsHeavyAlex v 1.4.1
– Trailers and cargo pack v 2.4
– AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 1.1

Author: [email protected]

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30 thoughts on “Rus Map v 1.2

  1. Any ideas if this is compatible with TSM 4.7?

  2. As soon as I get to a particular point on the map, my truck falls through the ground into nothingness. Removing until this is fixed.

    1. remingtonh

      I’m sure the author will process your refund shortly (oh, wait)…

  3. Map working fine,ver. 1.10.1,my truck dont fall trought the map..excelent work…add more cities..good job..keep going…

      1. kolarz105

        It crashes between Mozir and Gomel.
        But for now it is an only bug that I found 🙂

  4. Please other file sharing

  5. my truck falls through the ground into nothingness in truck service in Moscow.

  6. Good work, the map worked fine, no crashes or lags, continue with their masterpieces, Greetings from Brazil

  7. Esta vida loca

    Hi mates!

    I have test it with promods 1.6.2. It doesn’t works for me, I entering belarussian Brest and than I have an BTD. But the short trip to enter the polish-belarussian border was nice.

  8. Esta vida loca

    Oh it is sad, I have start a new game only with originals and rus map 1.2, it crashed too at entering brest

  9. remingtonh

    This is a fantastic and high quality map. Happy to see this update. Keep it up, please!

  10. Esta vida loca



  11. MsHeavyAlex


    Aldim, thank you on that great work. It works GREAT with my map , thank you on that, so, now we can drive in Belarus and Russia too 🙂

    If you’ll be for some cooperation, contact me on my mail !



  12. The map is very nice – work with ProMods 1.62 + Ro AddOn 3.3 but don`t work with ProMods 1.62 + PR (Poland Rebuilding) 1.6
    Crashed on road between Mozir and Gomel.
    A lot tree over road (not crashed with car).
    I hope that in future the map can good work with ProMods 1.62 + PR 1.6 + Ro 3.3
    Maybe can co-work with TSM 4.7.2 ??

    Best Regards and wait for more fixed and new version.

  13. tuhkustuhke

    good map but traffic goes way too slow to be russian

  14. tuhkustuhke

    can someone make this map traffic faster please? i tried for 5 hours to change the speed limit signs in the def file but the game crashes

  15. Thx very nice map! i like drive Turku-Mockba! check my ets 2 pictures

  16. ..any info for update/fixes for this map?

  17. burnedbruno

    First, thank you [email protected] (and everyone involved in making this map). Great work!

    I drove from Moscow to Velikiye Luki and the map worked fine. However, someone above mentioned about the crash that might occur between Mozir and Gomel, which I have yet to encounter.

    My ETS2 configuration: patch 1.10, MsHeavyAlex’s EU Map 1.4.1, Rus Map v 1.2, Mercedes Trucks Pack v 3.0, Realistic Lighting, and Satan19990’s Trailer Mod Pack v3.0 + Agricultural Trailer Mod Pack v 1.0.

    I also made a video. Hopefully I can upload it to YouTube ASAP. 😀

    1. burnedbruno
  18. Female Trucker

    This map has been working fine for me so far, I am at Level 4 and I have intergrated it with Promods and Romania 3.03, so hopefully, it will continue to work.

  19. Great work!Trying to go some trucking in Promods+Rus

  20. can working with v1.9.### ??

  21. Mini šulínek

    For authors: Please, fix this bug with Poland rebulding.

    Thank you.

  22. MarcinTPL

    Model in old format detected ‘/model/russia/vl80c_2532/vl80c_2532.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!

  23. I have the same problem here.
    There’s no road leading there…

  24. RayFiftyOne

    Can you make it compatible with Tsm?

  25. Hello Authors 🙂

    I want ask U about rework for patch 1.11 (and co-operations with ProMods + PR in new version.

    Best Regards.

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