RusMap 1.3.5


Update 1.3.5:

Game version: 1.12

New cities: Юхнов, new roads A101

Compatible with maps:
MHA map EU 1.5.1 by MsHeavyAlex
ProMods v.1.71
Poland Rebuilding v.1.71
Truck Sim Map 5.1.2

More info in Readme.

[email protected]


72 thoughts on “RusMap 1.3.5

  1. Thankyou your map is very good thanks

  2. Thanks for uploading, but does this map really works with TSM 5.1.2. or Promods 1.7.1.?

    1. Dont you have a brain?

      Compatible with maps:
      MHA map EU 1.5.1 by MsHeavyAlex
      ProMods v.1.71
      Poland Rebuilding v.1.71
      Truck Sim Map 5.1.2

      1. Wow! The most people who answered to my question where polite. What is Your porblem? Bad day today? And yes I have a brain like all people.

    2. AmericanFlagPeterbilt

      Dude chill! He was asking if it REALLY works on those Promod and TSM (really as in to make sure)……

  3. yes with tsm 5.1.2 this map work perfect 🙂

  4. Is this working with 1.11.1s?

  5. rubberduck

    Running under 1.12.1s plus HeavyAlexMap 1.5.1 plus Going East.

  6. Very nice map 🙂

  7. compatible with 1.11.1?

  8. Riyaz Shaikh

    Thx with mshavy alex 1.5 running well. thx again.

  9. Does it works with original map too?

  10. Promods plus poland rebuilding plus Russian Map

    very cool and RUSMAP very good job !!!!


  11. townterrier

    thx, downloading now and looking forward to using with both promods 1.71 and poland rebuilding

  12. Awesome map! Waiting for wolga & north west russia :->

  13. [BG]Flash

    Thanks very much, man!

  14. steve white

    How do you get your map to scroll over to show the new parts? I am running ETS2 1.12, Going East DLC, Promods 1.7, Poland Rebuild 1.7 and RusMap 1.3 (will update to this new version) but cannot scroll to ANY of the parts of the Russia map…

    1. Maybe a restart of the game? I can scroll the parts of the Rusmap and i have the same built. Do you load the maps in the correct order?

      @[email protected] Love the map very much. Tnx!!!!!

      1. Loaded the maps in this order:

        RusMap 1.3
        Poland Rebuild
        Going East

        1. Real Order is:

          1. ProMods 1.71
          2. Poland Rebuilding 1.71 (up date comming soon 😉 )
          3. RusMap 1.3.5 (without TSM fix)

          1. gnagarn86

            Dosen´t work with promods and poland rebuild! just bs!

  15. This map work with:

    ProMods 1.71 + PR 1.71 + Italy 1.2.1 + RusMap 1.3.5 + TSM JustPlay
    ETS 2 + DLC + Italy 1.2.1 + NEZ map v 1.1 + RusMap 1.3.5 + EU Map 1.9 (DK/LT/H-Ro) + TSM JustPlay
    TSM 5.1.2 + RusMap 1.3.5 + EU Map 1.9 (LT/LV i H/Ro) + TSM JustPlay

  16. Steve, make sure the Russian Map has more zz’s than other mods and you will get the full map

  17. Spassibo! Slava Rossii!

  18. MigaraMadawa

    Help Me To Creat my Map. PLEASE

    1. MigaraMadawa

      We can create map together

  19. Experimental Trucker
  20. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. 2nd video uploaded….

    PS. @MigaraMadawa. I would like to know if you have another version of your map in the works?

  21. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. 3rd Video uploaded…..

    I changed it up….just a little

  22. playstationman

    AMAZING MAP!! love it!!!! Works well with promods and poland map Thank You!!!

  23. willy1962

    @ [email protected] ,
    Thank you your map is very very good thanks
    Its very well made
    I realy hope you are going to make it bigger.
    I use it with TSM 5.1.2 and no problems .
    keep this beautiful map compatible with other maps .
    once again Thank you very much .
    can hardly wait for the expansion of this map

  24. don t work with me i have 1.12 no mods i try with new profile & no work crashed all the time can you help please tks a lot

    1. You don’t need to create a profile. Just run it, but make sure it’s at the bottom of your Mod’s list.

      Save your game before activating the Mod though just to be safe.

  25. no work with me no mod new profil 1.12 crashed all the time

  26. willy1962

    when you dri at the A101 from Slauharad to Roslavi
    and about in the middle you take the road to Mstsislaw to go to the Sano Farm the road their is hardly to drive in 1KM form 0% to 25 % damage
    I think you need to fix that.the curves are to deep.

    1. I had the same issue.

      ETS2 v1.12.1 + TSM v5.1.2

    2. Same here, I delivered a cargo there but had to buy a new truck after. It will be good to take it a bit soft, that road to the farm is almost impossible to pass with a common truck.

  27. TaiwanOCZ

    Not work with “military_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.5.1”
    that’s too bad…

  28. hi i downloaded the map of russia but it does not work with the map tsm 5.1.2 the roads not bind as I do for them to connect, my map ends in the city of Poznan and not connecting to the map of russia

    1. Randallator

      you need Going east for this map

  29. Excellent map, yet perfectly working with TSM 5.1.2. !

    1. Hi Edinaldo as you did to join the two maps my not connecting the cities of poland and russia, I have version 1.12.1 and the map tsm 5.2.1

  30. continua um lixo de mapa 🙂 BREST BUG BUG BUG BUG BAD MAP BAD UPDATE (y)

  31. I use tsm 1.5.2 and your mod but the map wont connect, some belarus city is missing from the map, so no road to the russia.
    Please fix that or for someone who using tsm 1.5 + this rusmod that working good, please tell me how

  32. John, I activated the two maps together and it worked, just had problems in the city of Brest because the game ended, but after I got through. You may not have the DLC Going East, many maps only work with this expansion!

  33. SALUT j ai telecharger map russ et tsm derniere version apres avoir acheter mon truck il crache quand j arrive apres 2 ou 3 missions sorry it s difficult fot me to explain in english tks a lot merci beaucoup

  34. salut, la map est compatible tsm mais est elle compatible avec le dlc going east


  35. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

    Hey! This is one of the best maps i ever seen. But i cant go from Russia ( Your map ) to Europe ( ETS 2 original map) because i dont have a road. I think i need TSM map or something like that. But i dont want that map. So can you make a highway or a road that connects your extension to the original map? That will be awesome man. Pls do that 🙂

    1. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

      * or a train line or airport. something that connect the original map to your extension without using another maps. pls I really like this map 🙂

      1. I think you don’t have the DLC Going East. It add Polska and other countrys.

  36. heavy drops of frames between brest and pinsk city.. crashed to desktop.. pl check it..

  37. It works perfectly, the only issue is one rough road, enough to destroy a truck, to a farm going to Mstsislaw.

    ETS2+DLC Going East
    1. ProMods 1.71
    2. Poland Rebuilding 1.71
    3. RusMap 1.3.5 (without TSM fix)

    Nice map.

  38. Thanks for your work!

  39. Hi, map is quite good but look at the view in map and then google it – road to pinsk, mazyr looks like it is going by ukraine territory

  40. Yes, *very* nice map.
    No problem entering via Brest.

    I expected this map to be a virtual near-death experience… but it was peaceful even…relaxing.

    But am I missing something?

    No ####### cardrivers that cut you off or suicidal wannabe NFS cardrivers, no ##### truckdrivers that park their truck wherever the hell
    they dump their truck in the most unsafe location. No cars or trucks running a red trafficlight.
    No pedestrians that (try to) throw themselves under your truck.

    Shouldn’t there be *some* Russian Driving going on?

  41. Why, when I zoom on the world map, the background shrinks?

    PS: I’m with DLC East and TSM 5.1.2.

  42. perfect with TSM

    thank you very mach

  43. dannyhaya

    Thank you for the map, it’s a pity that Belarus is the only country without the capital on the map tho


  44. can i run this map without DLC or what ???

  45. Now tested with:
    ETS2+DLC Going East
    1 – TSM 5.1.2.
    2 – RusMap 1.3.5 (with TSM fix)

    Your map is excellent. Congratulations!

  46. Hi [email protected],
    Thank you 4 your nice map. My setup is:
    Promods 1.7.1
    Poland Rebuilding 1.7.1a
    & RusMap 1.3.5
    All works perfectlly, easily passed from Brest, no lagging, but I found a bug when entering Vitebsk (Витебск)Belarus,before the tunnels the game crashes. In my second try by doing the circle of the town from the first traffic lights it works perfect.
    So you should considered to fix it to the next updtate

  47. Do not work whit poland rebild map

  48. no road to it if u download this map

  49. Mjay_from_ZA

    Hey guys, I’m running DLC going east ,with Pro Mods v1.71 with Poland Rebuild V1.71, but the problem I’m having is ,when I add RUSmap V1.35 ,and activate it on my profile in-game ,my game crashes immediately, I’ve read all your comments and have done what most says,about adding the RUSmap to the very end of all your mods… on closer look at my game.log file i see the following :\ [unit] The unit ‘veg.5099rus’ of type ‘vegetation_data’ has dangling pointer (to ‘vegetmodel.narrow.birch1_sc’) in the attribute named ‘models’.\ any ideas? any fixes?

  50. it dont crahs for me to add promod polerebld and rusmap but no road from rusmap to poland do

  51. guessing u need DLC going east to run this map with TSM(or any at all to gain access to Russia). would have been nice to put that in the description

  52. I need a list of incompatible mods. I have the DLC East and TSM map, I’ve done everything correctly, but the game keeps crashing. I think it’s because of some conflicting mods, but don’t really know which one(s). I have a lot of mods, so I need a list of those which are not compatible for sure so that I could deactivate them and try again.

  53. Nodamage for Rusmap??
    Без повреждений есть?

  54. the road does not connect. anyone know how to fix it?
    i use tsm map 5.2

  55. hi im new so no rude remarks on a quwstion how do i get maps that i have seen on videos for exaple russia spain africa exectra and the map on scs softwere version is that the only map you get thanks

  56. I play ProMods+RusMap in ETS2 v1.13.4.10s

    The speed limit to truck showed in Route Advisor, usually, is not the same showed by signpost in the map. Some examples:

    Promods +Rusmap – gps x 80km signpost limit sign ; [20/10/2014 02:55] (sec+0012-0002);50151.4;44.6052;-5868.47
    Promods +Rusmap – gps x curve ; [20/10/2014 03:20] (sec+0014-0005);59155.9;-2.63248;-16470.8
    ProMods +RusMap – GPS x 80km ; [20/10/2014 03:00] (sec+0012-0003);48734.9;38.9879;-8829.43
    ProMods +RusMap – GPS x 60km ; [20/10/2014 03:02] (sec+0012-0003);49899.2;4.76797;-10586.5
    ProMods +RusMap – GPS x 80 km ; [20/10/2014 03:04] (sec+0013-0004);53016.9;-7.04556;-12834.6
    Promods +Rusmap – GPS x signpost limit sign km ; [20/10/2014 18:15] (sec+0018-0007);73745.3;9.90258;-26265.6
    Promods +Rusmap gps X 30km ; [20/10/2014 18:52] (sec+0018-0008);73281.3;10.2131;-30684
    Promods +Rusmap GPS 60 x signpost limit sign 40 x no fine ; [20/10/2014 20:29] (sec+0018-0008);73400.2;10.1309;-30682.5
    Promods +RusMap GPS 60…40 X sign limit post ; [27/10/2014 19:14] (sec+0018-0008);73031.9;3.4422;-30042.4
    Promods +RusMap GPS X 80 km sign ; [27/10/2014 19:17] (sec+0018-0007);73890.8;10.0981;-27500.4
    Promods +RusMap – GPS 110 X curve 40 km ; [27/10/2014 19:51] (sec+0015-0005);60131.6;-4.61283;-18048.4

    others errors to fix

    Promods +RusMap – no value to pass in toll ; [27/10/2014 20:12] (sec+0011-0003);45981.6;56.3319;-9078.6
    Promods +Rusmap – is this texture problem ; [20/10/2014 01:24] (sec+0012-0002);50544.4;38.9746;-5421.48
    Promods +Rusmap – I can”t see the two previous signpost limit signs ; [20/10/2014 02:58] (sec+0012-0002);48867.4;48.7227;-7663.45
    Promods +Rusmap – Texture ; [20/10/2014 03:17] (sec+0014-0005);59056.6;-9.59914;-17202.6
    Promods +Rusmap – Texture ; [20/10/2014 03:18] (sec+0014-0005);59084.6;-9.39938;-17443.7
    Promods +Rusmap – cars disapers ; [20/10/2014 03:12] (sec+0014-0005);58651.6;-0.623031;-16398.8
    Promods +RusMap – I over the limit and police man got no ticket penalty ; [27/10/2014 20:21] (sec+0010-0002);43926.9;68.5762;-6112.3
    Promods +Rusmap – could be the rail sign into minimap ; [27/10/2014 20:20] (sec+0010-0002);43690.9;78.2702;-6575.72
    Promods +RusMap – portion to finishing creation ; [27/10/2014 19:54] (sec+0014-0005);57843.9;-9.57128;-16801

    if is a general problem, fix please.

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