RusMap 1.4.5


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– Fixed bugs
– New cities: Луга, Клин (Luga, Klin)
– New roads: P47

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43 thoughts on “RusMap 1.4.5

  1. Сompatibility:

    – EU Map MsHeavyAlex v.1.6.1
    – Promods 1.8.1
    – Truck Sim Map 5.3

  2. is border city on east europe and west city in russia increased city loading speed to redusing memory using in PC

  3. demonlord007

    is the “GOING EAST” dlc required??

  4. HI, download link not response why?

    1. Everything is working ok 😉

    2. May try again, from my location it is ok.

      1. I pus download file button nothing happening

        1. Kyllä se mulla toimii.

  5. Where to get a cab as in the picture?

    1. It is the DAF Euro6 in 1.14.2, you can buy him at the DAF-Dealer.

  6. excuse me compatible mhapromap eu 1.6.1 ?

  7. How to make the display map and mirror on top of screen like that.??

    1. Search for the Route Advisor Mod from Hemil, he has much more Options in his mods.

      Here, hope the Link is working..

      1. just searching “mirror” on this site:

  8. Read the first post….

  9. Work on 1.15 !

  10. Thank you Maddison

  11. It will also patch

  12. Throws out of the game, what to do?

  13. [email protected], once again thank you for keeping us updated & for fixed bugs!!

    1. nportegies


      Where are you go ?

      Πού θα πάτε ? 😉

  14. вылетает на v1.15 через 2 мин после игры

  15. Great work!

  16. wujek600kv

    BUG in VADUZ-SANO !!!!! With trailer on only truck driving to Sano is imposssible

  17. This works for the vanilla ets2 map with eastern DLC?

  18. in the previous one i was seeing pavement instead of grass was that fix (in some places).

  19. alain78160

    The card even one plant to a new profile ???

  20. I have only one Problem.
    When I´m in Moscow, I cannot click on it, wwhen I want to get a load.
    Some Towns are allways going back under the Freights.
    What can I do to resolve it?
    Thanks for Help

  21. Game crashes right outside of Brest, 1.14

  22. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here’s a collection of deliveries that were done within the map. These runs almost covers all the roads in the map…

    Warszawa to Mahilyow 895km run

    Mahilyow to Pskov 637km run

    Mahilyow to Klin 920km run

    Lublin to Gomel 807km run

    Gomel to Roslavl 405km run

    Luga to Yukhnov 1259km run

    Gomel to Moscow 950km run

    Moscow to Saint Petersburg 1010km run

  23. Aleksandr

    [email protected]

  24. Works fine on v.1.14.2
    Great job. *****

  25. Map zoom fix?

  26. k whopper

    thanks enjoy map keep up the good work. running tricky n 1.4.5 rus map working fine . looking forward to 1.15 update
    so i can try new tricky map. thanks again…

  27. K-whopper

    thanks u map works fine no probs. im running tricky map n russain map, love the pick up n unload challanges made game play more fun. looking forward to 1.15.1 update so i can try new tricky map. thanks again for release…

  28. Is this DLC Going East Required ?

    1. demonlord007 is required. It is on sale right now

  29. does not work with a standard

  30. Jamie Aubrey

    Hi, great map but there is a problem using the UK currency GBP instead of £ its a question mark so my money looks like ?12,123 all other currency’s work fine

  31. LazMohawk

    When I get a ticket, there’s a price on diesel like I want to refuel my truck while I’m driving !?

  32. LazMohawk


    Problem solved by restarting the game.

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