RusMap for ProMods 2.41 fix

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The following load order is advisablero:
ProMods def [with RusMap box ticked]
RusMap Map
RusMap Models 2
RusMap Models
RusMap Def

[SOUTHERN REGION is currently not compatible with 1.35]


Special thanks to all those who helped testing and all the users in the forum who supported the work!

Special thanks to Brainiac as well for providing his RusMap fix for BtBS DLC


16 thoughts on “RusMap for ProMods 2.41 fix

  1. wohooo thanks, finally promods 2.41 + rusmap yay

  2. а где сами карты и файлы PROMODS ?

  3. LegEnd

  4. So how can play in 1.35? With promods ( dont have version on 1.35) and RusMap ( but rusmap working before without promods ) I really want Promods and Rusmap ? From the beginning what I sould be doing?

    1. José Lauro

      Already exited version 2.41, in which you can join rusmap in v1.35

  5. Thank you, thank you very much.

  6. Honestly ? This project in all honor, but I do not want to go to Russia. I would much rather be able to discover the beautiful Norway or Sweden or Finland from A to Z. I hope that somebody will built complete Scandinavia very soon. That’s the thing I love!

  7. DutchWaveTV

    do you also need the promod/rus map connector? so ye witch version

  8. 3 attempts to download, comes back as failed.

  9. Andrey. L

    Please make a full map of Serbia

    1. gmtavares

      ProMods includes a lot of Serbia already,

  10. What is new in this FIX?
    I can play ProMods 2.41 + RusMap 1.8.1 without that FIX.

    1. Until now, after I felt tired to try the several maps in ETS2 v1.31 to get to work (Promods v2.30 was full of errors regarding invisible walls, you know) – and I call myself a specialist in working out problems,
      I decided a long time later to save my game(s) and then to update to the actual version = 1.35.x
      I thought there would be so nice and so long awaited improvements to the game itself.
      But I was wrong.

      Sure I have the RusMap 1.81 stored on harddisk, same as other versions.

      So for now, I will test your configuration:
      – ProMods 2.41 (just downloaded the files)
      – RusMap 1.81

      and ONLY these two maps together, just for testing the outcome.

      If you want, I can tell here the results a bit later……..

      Meanwhile you bite the teeth hardly and keep on driving, all the time being surrounded by idiotic AI-cars, see more dark and black nights than anybody can imagine, and ‘silent’ traffics, which pass you………
      Sounds I have corrected, you now can even hear the traffic sounds from cabin view. IF you do this:
      Go here:
      Using Real Ai traffic engine sounds packs:
      – it must be placed
      and preferably above Sound fixes mod by Drive Safely in case you are using it; you can place Sound fixes pack above my sound if you prefer more the lower volume and the quiet engine sounds of Drive Safely (this will overwrite files from my packs where I have also personalized colors, speed limits, spawn ratio, etc)
      – some packs will require my Real Traffic Density mod, please read carefully the information written in this post for each mod that you use.
      Bla bla bla, go here to download:
      Download Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds v1.35.a
      Download: Real_Ai_Traffic_Engine_Sounds_ETS2_1.35.scs [63.6 MB]
      — You place it at top in mod manager.

      Next you go a bit deeper at that site where you find:
      My mods do not include the file game_data.sii, leaving the sound volumes at your choice! It is strongly recommended to use Drive Safely’s sound pack with my packs having higher priority in the load order. optionally you can also use the addon “open window” (included in Sound fixes pack) that increases sound inside cabin even more. without Sound fixes pack, most probably you will not like the traffic sound level while you drive, therefore if you don’t use Sound fixes pack, the volume can be adjusted in def/game_data.sii in my game I use the following values for sound level:

      Code: Select all

      interior_sound_volume: 0.25 (0.35 are presented in _data.sii)
      interior_sound_pitch: 0.99

      the easy way: you can download this tiny mod that adjusts the interior sound pitch and volume to the above values =
      Download: Increased_Sound_volume_in_cabin_ETS2_1.34.scs [49 KB]
      This you download and place in mod manager just below
      Real_Ai_Traffic_Engine_Sounds_ETS2_1.35.scs (see above)

      Then you can go on with downloading (for example):
      Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 3.9
      and the fitting Sound-Pack:
      Sounds for Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 3.9
      You have to place these files below the two from above.

      Now it should be possible to not only hear the traffic sounds in exterioer view, but even too in interior view.
      Same is for the sport cars and their sounds.

      I really do not understand, why SCS is too silly to just programming a good data-structure where to place the mods so easily (Even the good old Microsoft Fligh Simulator X has a very good data-structure, where it is just very easy to change some tunings). But that is long ago – thinking in SCS minds.
      They are just too blind, too silly, to much focused onto money-outcome. In parts they are too silly to just present a very good truck simulation, in contrary they are focused onto the ‘life’ of you – the trucker – to make harder and harder.
      Real it is? Absolutely not, because all their programmings are far from truth – if you see yourself as a REAL truck-driver.
      Their ###### ‘sii’ files are just same idiotic even since the old series of
      “18 wheels of steel” series, which many of you possibly know.
      To make the long story short:
      So, gamers, try your best, follow my steps – and you will be able to at least hearing real sounds of traffic.
      Hold the things simple, do not over load your mod manager. Think before you do anything.

      Thanks for reading – Gerd-E
      (And I thought it was just a truck-simulation)

      1. Truck_Driver

        To add:
        After a time it seems to be too hard to follow my lines I’vs sent.
        You ask some simple questions and get no answer.
        You do not ask quetions of deeper meaning.
        Short reminder: All I wrote here is based on self made ecperiences, And that means ALL the games all over the years, beginning with the series of
        “18 wheels of steel” series,
        Sure, all the entered ‘Newbies’ are already overstressed even at the beginning.
        But players, meaning players for YEARS, they for sure do see the ‘light tunings’ of the developer – SCS.
        They must recognize that all over the times the game itself went into more and more unfriendly, even more harder against the player.
        Sure, only ###### would complain some helpless lines here.
        All the others do know, where the ‘sense of a Truck-Driving-Simulation has gone to.
        I could ask – instead of writing long lines to explain – Where has the game has gone to?
        Was it in earlier times a sim, which appeared to be nice and fair!
        But all the fairness (to see you as a player) went to go harder and harder, meanwhile the guys from SCS claimed to ‘enrich’ the whole game.
        By looking now, I do see the contrary!
        – Make it harder for a player to get up a step
        – Ignoring your achievements and strafe your hired drivers, who
        what a wonder
        – are unable to find a new job and therefore must turn back empty
        – Their ability to forwarding in carriere sinks down to the most low stage.
        – Some of the drivers need 20 or more hours for just finishing their (short) tours of some lousy short km.
        – So called ‘new’ and even existing Toll Gates are now even more adverse for you, because you must wait for passing a gate when in earlier versions it was passed in a moment, if your speed is a bit lower than 30 km/h.
        – in any simulations I never have seen a more black night than here – in the actual version of ETS2.
        You drive through a very dark night, reaching a crossing, where you have to move righthand.
        What you see in the night?
        Nothing, even your trailer, when watching the mirror, is rolling anywhere, you just cannot see where it goes becaus of the totally ###### and unreal darkness, you are confronted with.
        REAL? You really ask for REALITY????
        No, regarding this game called ‘ETS2’ there is NO ANY reality.
        Unfriendly, unreal situations, times of delivery, weather and viewing conditions, no any sound to hear when driving in cab-view, to see only – and not to hear – passing vehicles.
        Idiotic behaviour of AI-cars.
        Speeding up of trucks, which you try to overtake, in a next minute they brake down by no any reason.

        Should I keep on to tell you facts?
        I would really like to receive your own replies, your experiences all over the game versions.
        And what you do see now in regards of a former called ‘Truck-Simulation’?

        Your silence is not demanded to enrich the community here.
        So don’t be that lazy as you usually are.
        We do speak about a simulation called ‘Truck Simulator’ and nothing else.

        So dare to write YOUR impressions, your ideas here.

  11. spartacus33

    Thx a lots…work very nice same as usual….. a big big thank Bro

  12. epic

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