RusMap 1.8.1 fix (1.34.x)

Here’s the much awaited new Promods v2.40 to RusMap v1.8.1 road connection and enhancement pack by Sergey061 and schura774.
It contains two modified RusMap files, the DEF and the MAP files, plus the road connection. By using only the two DEF and MAP
files this can also be used with other map combos. The following list describes in short what you will get together with PM240:

1. Merged SCS and RusMap St.Petersburg with port to Nynäshamn, Sweden.
2. Enhanced SCS Vyborg
3. The old RusMap northen parts up to Murmansk.
4. New connection Siedlce – Brest.
5. Two connections from Rezekne.
6. The usual ones from Narva and Kotka.
7. Connections in the north from Joensuu, Kemijärvi, Ivalo and Kirkenes.

St.Petersburg has been optimized in the first place by Arayas, who made it actually playable, a tricky job.
Sergey061 has then also optimized St.Petersburg and Vyborg, trying to eliminate stuttering to a minimum.

How to use:

The archive only contains modified RusMap DEF and MAP files. You obviously also need the RusMap original
MODEL and MODEL2 files.

Promods v2.40 based combo profiles including RusMap v1.8.1.
Replace/Place this PM2.40-RM1.8.1 road connection above both Promods and RusMap mods in Mod manager.
Replace your present RusMap DEF and MAP files by the ones in this pack in Mod Manager. (NOT the regular files)

All other map based combo profiles including RusMap v1.8.1.
Replace your present RusMap DEF and MAP files by the ones in this pack in Mod Manager. (NOT the regular files)

Sergey061?, schura774, Arayas


6 thoughts on “RusMap 1.8.1 fix (1.34.x)

  1. Marcel1801

    Great work!
    but is it possible to make it so that the connections between ProMods and RusMap that are added by ProMods (Roads in Northern Belarus connecting to Lithuania/Latvia and the road between Vyborg and Priozersk) don’t disappear?

  2. Jestem tego samego zdania i brakuje drogi z Wilna do Minska da sie zrobic cos z tym

  3. cuando cargo el mapa se me cierra el juego, ya probe con todos los fix y no hay modo

    1. Sergey061

      Нужен игровой лог, иначе просто нет возможности вам помочь…

      1. 12-ссср-12

        у меня нет новых дорог которые на скриншоте

  4. Johnny Walker

    a few major roads are NOT connected! But I am glad to have the RusMap included again. 😀

    Will you release a new fixed road connection either? It’s necessary to avoid worthless detours. Thx so much!

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