RusMap 2.45

Updating RusMap to version 2.45
The North-East of the Leningrad region has been rebuilt.. Built-in hidden parts from the DLS ‘Heart of Russia’, SZM addon.
Made a partial rebuild of obsolete map assets.
Game patch – 1.45!!
To run this modification, you must have DLC Going East! + DLC Scandinavia + DLC ‘Beyond the Baltic Sea’ + DLC ‘Italia’ + DLC ‘Vive la France’ + DLC ‘Road to the Black Sea’ + DLC ‘Iberia’
Connector for Promods_2.62 in the archive))
Please keep the original download links, respect the work of the author!
Please save the original download link!

[email protected]? Sergey061, Schura774, diman26


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3 thoughts on “RusMap 2.45

  1. How is the order to install with Promod 1.46?

    1. 1.46 ???

    2. LOL… PM 1.46 was released about 8 years ago 😀

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