Rusmap for 1.33 fix

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I already connected Rusmap with DLC within Realistic Russian highways mod. But I got a request to release only connection. So here it is.
You still need the def file from here:

but, unlike his connection, I kept Rusmap’s content as much as possible, so you won’t have long roads with only forests. Also, you won’t notice a height difference between DLC and Rusmap.



11 thoughts on “Rusmap for 1.33 fix

  1. willy1962

    maybe english name mod?
    also for S-region and great steppe.

    1. I don’t understand. All names are in English.

  2. works on version 1.34?

  3. I+don’t+know.+Probably+yes.+Try.

  4. why 1.33 we are at 1.34?

    1. You are on 1.34, I am not. So you can try and say if it is working on 1.34.

    1. willy1962

      me to in poland near Brest.

      1. Problem is that I don’t have time to test all map and during the beta stage no one reported any bug. I only can replace download link later after fixing the bug.
        Brest: Post screenshot.

  5. Citydriver

    The RusMap is really great, but I see in your Youtube video nor a map may I know how that means? ((Google translation))

  6. I+didn’t+make+any+YouTube+video+in+past+2+years.

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