RusMap v 1.7.3 [1.27.x]

Map of Russia (38 cities) and Belarus (12 cities)

Map version: 1.7.3:

– Game version: 1.27 + DLC Going East! + DLC Scandinavia.
– Map version: 1.7.3.
– New cities: Saratov, Engels.
– New roads: R-298, R-228, R-236.
– Added new prefabs, models and firms.
– Fixed bugs previous version.
– Some other changes.


1. Downloaded files unzip archiver 7zip, click extract on the first
file, then unpack everything. All 5 files should be downloaded and
placed in the same folder.
2. Place all the unzipped files in the folder My Documents/Euro Truck
Simulator 2/mod.
3. To connect all files in the mods Manager.

Supported versions of the game:

1.27.x + DLC Going East! + DLC “Scandinavia”

Author: [email protected]
Author of new models: Gricko.
Used models mario1961.
Grateful for his klipstoeun8839 excellent model for maps.
Special thanks Gricko, for their help in the construction of maps,
correcting all the mistakes and shortcomings, as well as for new
objects that make the game atmospheric.
Thanks Vladzz-G for the correction of license plates.

Please save the original download link!!! DO NOT REUPLOAD!!!


[email protected]


61 Responses to RusMap v 1.7.3 [1.27.x]

  1. Kenseth says:

    it’s without promods??

  2. Joe the gamer says:

    Compatible with Southern Region Map?

    • JoachimK says:

      Compatible with the most Maps:
      – TSM
      – ProMods
      – Southern Region and much more.

  3. Register says:

    Compatible Southern Region Map, ProMods, TSM, Alex Map

  4. rusty trucker says:

    download in compatabley slow

    • Register says:

      Use “Vip-links” is here

  5. DaRa says:

    Do we need DLCS?

  6. joepapa75 says:

    Is wrapped incorrectly!Can not be unpacked! 🙁

  7. Sliwa says:

    Work with ProMods 2.16?
    Działa z ProMods 2.16 ? 🙂

    • victor198134 says:

      обнови promods….. Уже вышла версия promods 2.17 )))
      @ProMods 2.17 has been released. This is a bug fix update only and will not offer any new content. The reason of this update is that the flag pole issue in Scandinavia, caused by the Heavy Cargo DLC update, was not fixable with a hotfix. Also, even after 8 weeks we are still receiving complaints about frequently reported bugs such as the hole on the E4 in Stockholm. It seems to be the best way forward not to issue hotfixes but instead keep on releasing full release packs instead. You should disable and delete [email protected]

  8. jok says:


  9. Robert says:

    I’m clicking on download file and nothing is happening.

  10. siz88 says:

    Yes, it works with ProMods 2.16

  11. thimic51 says:

    Hy !!! Compatible with MHA pro map ?
    have a nice day

  12. oldcitylee says:

    Rusmap is the best map for ETS2.Very thanks for the authors.

  13. wegger says:

    спасибо друга!

  14. JoachimK says:

    Thank you for the Update.
    Downloaded without any Problems, only a bit slow LOL

  15. Sliwa says:

    siz88 Thank You ! I check 😛

  16. PolishDriverTruck says:

    I have a question if this works on scs maps only

  17. JoachimK says:

    [b]Thank you for the Update.

    But I have a Problem.
    I´m using the List of Priority, but I do not have after 1,5 hours changing no Connection to the ProMods 2.17
    I´m using:
    – PM 2.17 ( def with RM )
    – Project Balkan 2.14
    – Southern Region 6.5
    and now also your Map with the new ConnectionMod.
    I´ve trying a Lot of Prioritys, but without any Result.
    Thank you for Help.

  18. alain ÉBERLÉ says:

    RusMap-model2_v1.7.3 .. chez moi “erreur de données”

  19. Borokleer says:

    My game crashes in Volgograd

    • Ery569 says:

      A moja ciężarówka zapada sie s Breście!!!! Wie ktoś co mam zrobić??????

  20. CLHZ says:

    Sharemods is not connecting, what other choice?

  21. coaster77 says:


  22. darkexplorer64 says:

    Excelente mapa, muy buenas las nuevas ciudades y rutas, funcion perfectamente con promods y Southern Region.
    Dejo dos videos de las nuevas rutas:

    Rusmap 1.7.3 – Engels to Volzhskiy

    Rusmap 1.7.3 – Saratov to Timashevsk

  23. darkexplorer64 says:

    Excellent map, very good new cities and routes, work perfectly with promods and Southern Region.
    I leave two videos of the new routes:

    Rusmap 1.7.3 – Engels to Volzhskiy

    Rusmap 1.7.3 – Saratov to Timashevsk

  24. Danny says:

    What mod should I use to connection Promods 2.17 and Rusmap 1.7.3?

  25. WaterCooler says:


  26. tzepesh says:


  27. amonrada says:

    hello if somebody want use with RC MAP SCS REBUILDING v4.2 load order is ….works good

  28. Louis Thierry Lobe says:

    Hello, I’m testing a RusMap and i can say that ti works. It’s finally compatible with TSM Map, EAA Map and Great Poland.

    Great Job for the team. Thanks.

    Bonjour, j’ai testé la rusmap et je dois dire qu’elle fonctionne enfin parfaitement, elle est compatible avec TSM Map, EAA Map et Great Poland sur 1.27.

    Bon travail à toute l’équipe. Merci à vous.

  29. seb99 says:

    dlc france compatible

  30. Paweł says:

    Czy jest w planach dodanie Obwodu Kaliningradzkiego oraz Grodna na Białorusi? Zwiększyłoby to wjazd w stronę Rosji a tak jest tylko przez Petersburg, Brześć i przez port w Messinie we Włoszech.

  31. Paweł says:

    Независимо от того, что планирует добавить в Калининградскую область и Гродно в Беларуси? Было бы больше дорог, которые можно было бы ввести Россию, и это единственный в Санкт-Петербурге, Бресте, а также через порт Мессины в Италии.

  32. Viggo says:

    After installing will i need to create a new savegame or does it add on the tot eh one i’m currently using?

  33. error-_- says:

    the last file not downloading ..

  34. Jack says:

    Is it possible that it could be updated to 1.28?
    I just downloaded the rus map and when I entered it, it showed that road connection did not work

  35. Trucker says:

    Is it possible that it could be updated to 1.28?

  36. LaiLai says:


  37. homerlvsbeer says:

    have to keep clicking the link until it gives you the mod. about 3 times click and close . keeps giving ads. one was a chick in castleford in uk wanting to get drunk and come and play with me. haha. nice. i turned her off. obvious girls dont do that with people they dont know. scam. be nice thou the pic was hot.

  38. sjain says:

    Does it require a new save?

  39. Kei says:

    hey [email protected] please update in 1.28 and new rusmap 1.8!

  40. DPC says:

    my lap is showing that ETS2 stop working but my ETS 2 is 1.27x

  41. Deha says:

    Where is the link guys ?

  42. Rahul says:

    If this work on ets europe

  43. Iritty says:

    Did I need download all parts

  44. Blakeh07 says:

    It dont zip it just puts it in note pad is that normal?

  45. Vi341 says:

    Is it working on 1.31 ?

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