RusMap v1.5 (1.18.x)


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Map of Russia (24 cities) and Belarus (13 cities).

Update 1.5:
New cities in Belarus: Minsk, Slutsk, Baranovichi, Bobruisk.
New roads in the Republic of Belarus: M4, M5, P4, P17, P23, P26, P43.
Map completely rebuilt under the new scale of 1:19.
Completely rebuilt 80% of the roads, as well as some cities.
Partially converted traffic signs.
Added new firm.
Added new models.
Added a lot of small towns and villages.
The possibility of combining with the following maps: Promods 1.95, Truck Sim Map 6.0, Map of Europe by MsHeavyAlex 2.0.
Fully compatible with any packs from Jazzycat.
Game Version: 1.18.x + DLC Going East! + DLC “Scandinavia”.

In connection with the restructuring of the global map, possible minor bugs. If you find errors, please kindly communicate at a forum in the appropriate section.

New city in Russia:

Bryansk, Valdai, Great Luke, Veliky Novgorod, Velizh, Volokolamsk, Vishny Volochek, Vyazma, Kaluga, Wedge, Lugano, Moscow, Nevel, Obninsk, Ostashkov, Porkhov, Pskov, Rzhev, Roslavl, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Tver, Hill , Yukhnov.

New city in the Republic of Belarus:

Baranovichi, Bobruisk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk, Mogilev, Mozyr, Mstislavl, Orsha, Pinsk, Slavgorod, Slutsk.

New roads in Russia:

A101, A111, A116, A141, A240, M3, M9, M10, M20, P47, P48, P50, P51, P57, P87, P89, P108, R132.

New roads in the Republic of Belarus:

M4, M5, M8, M10, P4, P15, P17, P23, P26, P43, P96, P112.

Supported versions of the game:

1.18.x + DLC Going East! + DLC “Scandinavia”

Compatible with maps:
Map of Europe by MsHeavyAlex v2.0.
Promods 1.95.
Truck Sim Map 6.0.
Note: To work correctly, the RusMap should be kept below the list of mods.

(Fix download – now works open with 7zip!)

[email protected]


61 thoughts on “RusMap v1.5 (1.18.x)

  1. Nimeni.Altu

    i cant drive like that on this amazing map :(( PLEASE CHANGE THAT ROADS!

    1. gorodovoi

      Fix roads?! Are you mad ? You want autobahn , don’t drive with short way’s . Check on the map other road , with asphalt .
      Guy’s , don’t listen him . Make more short ways , like this . Your map is more realistic ! Good job !

      1. Nimeni.Altu

        i hate high way’s and autobahn…. that’s why i use rusmap and tsm map
        IN FACT, I HATE YOU TO 😛
        did you even check my link to see what i was asking here????
        #### moron…. you are like a romanian gipsy :)))

        1. gorodovoi

          Hate himself , with your righ hand , kid . Later change left .)))))) [email protected] make good project ,espessially this roads . This is russian reality , more bad way’s .
          I don’t hate you , because you are little smell s#it , and you live with that . ))))))))

          1. Nimeni.Altu

            you make me laugh gogoșoi :)))
            were’s hitler to make you pee on your pants? :)))
            if i show you my d*ck,
            will you cry or will you bring your mother? :)))))

        2. with all due respect, before trying to argue your point, have you ever tried to learn some English? Your rants sound pointless otherwise.

          1. Nimeni.Altu

            my english is not for you :)))
            for you i speak chinese 😀 …you can eat a #### instead of talking like that!

  2. Solid Axle

    Love that map 🙂
    But there’s a bug in Bobruisk. The city keeps being undiscovered an the railway gate stay closed. It’s impossible to get to the garage and the company on the other side of the tracks.
    As for the “impossible road”, go get a proper truck, Ural or Kraz 😉 😛

    1. I have the same Problem.
      Wrote the 30.June:
      But I have one Problem in Babruysk:
      When I want to go to the Garage or Danish Crown, there is no way to cross the Railroad, because he will not open the Gates.
      The Workingtrain is going on to the End and comes directly back from the other Side. So I will wait for the Opening a never ending Time.
      2 Screens here:
      Thank you for friendly help.

      (Babruysk) Now I find out:
      – Restarting the Game
      – Driving
      – Railroadcrossing open
      – Starting the Engine , starts to close the Crossing
      and he will not in the Game reopen it.

      1. Nimeni.Altu

        ural and kraz works fine on that roads….
        but the trailer get’s some little damage :)))
        just a small work there and it will be fine,
        that roads are to hard to drive man

    2. Nimeni.Altu

      the thing is i dont like ural or kraz…. i drive iveco, volvo and my favorite PETERBILT 379 …but it seems i dont have any chance to pass that roads…

      so there’s no chance to remake that roads???? :(((

    3. Nimeni.Altu

      i will try to download ural and kraz…. but i hope that trucks are without password, because i want to edit their engines…..
      – i like big engines, arrownd 700-800 hp 😛

  3. hi what s the news in this map ??? 3 days a go the seme

    1. Read this in the Description above:
      =Map completely rebuilt under the new scale of 1:19=

    2. Volvo_King

      Many people have a problem with download and install this map (archive was corrupted). This is corrected version. 😉

      1. Chris94_NOR

        Well, i had no problem downloading that one who was uploaded 3 days ago.

  4. I have bug with map . All cities not in true position . (( . How to fix this ?

  5. Entpacken mit win zip nicht möglich
    Fehlermeldung beim entpacken

  6. Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo

    Get a better truck, problem solved

  7. Truckbaehr

    Kompatibel Russian Open Spaces???
    Map 16 no Kompatibel

  8. Map completely rebuilt under the new scale of 1:19.
    the same 3 days a go

  9. RusMap v1.5 (1.18.x)
    2015/06/29 19:38Maps

  10. Solid Axle

    @ JoachimK
    Thanks for the workaround, will try that out 🙂

    1. @Solid Axle
      Thanks for your answer. I was sometime not at Home, so my answer now.
      Have you find out something with this Train, which is going around without opening the barriers.
      Otherwise is it a very fine Map.

  11. почему ты зделал беларусь в польше

  12. Hello, I tried to migrate the map 1.4.9 to 1.5.0 and it does not work, it gives error. You could see the inconsistency of their mod for us to enjoy deftly ok.
    In version 1.4.9 can not make the Europe of the map link to russia road only by boat and only for Calais ok.

  13. Crash for me 🙁

  14. angus1342

    can build one version without Scandinavia dlc plz ?
    Because without this dlc = crash

  15. near rzhev there is road construction where the traffic lights are facing wrong way

    1. Faelandaea

      And this is why construction workers should not be allowed to drink on the job O.o

  16. Need I Scandi DLC for this map?

  17. trucky-ducky

    Hello, i’ve been trying to add this map to my driving world in tsm 6.0 but it constantly crashes when starting the game up.
    I do have 3 .scs files and unpacked them with winzip.
    After a few times with crashing I tried to unpack them with 7-zip but that neither worked well.
    I also deleted all other mods except those for the tsm 6.0 but nothing worked, crashes continued.
    Anyone with ideas to solve this thing?, I really love to drive the combination of tsm with rusmap.

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Nimeni.Altu

    as me, there’s more people who choose to dont play this map because:
    NEED MORE OPTIMIZE…. in some places i get 17fps/s ….. in other places i have 40 fps/s ……………
    – and the bad roads are sucks….
    that ruins everything…. AT LEAST MAKE THAT ROADS FOR ETS2 TRUCKS, for volvo, iveco…. to go on that roads with at least 10 km/h…. ###!!!??

    1. Whuaat ? FPS is good . By normal PC , and don’t write that bullS##T .

    2. Faelandaea

      Seriously . . . leaving one comment is feedback. 15+ = trolling.

      Also, you must have serious bad luck with starting position, because I have driven this map a LOT with Volvo, Scania and Iveco and not had a single issue. I have noticed only 2 or 3 back roads that seemed challenging, but if you use common sense and learn to drive, you will not have a problem.

      I’ll even be nice and throw you a bone: See those ruts in your screenshot? Don;t drive in them. Everyone in EVERy country in the world that issues driver licenses for even cars teaches this. Just because the ruts are there does not mean you have to put your tires in them. You drive along the higher parts, thus not creating an issue. And if you steer right, not even your trailer will fall into the ruts.

      Some of these map authors are giving us REAL world scenarios to actually test driving skills. And like ANY driver should, you should always check the geography and know your route BEFORE accepting a route. If in doubt, go bobtail and check it out before accepting a job. Think you can’t handle it? Accept a job along another route.

      Give me the coordinates of the spot you say is impossible, and I will make a YouTube video, in a default truck, of me driving that road with no damage at all. It’s all about common sense and pathing. And since you are the only one that has ever posted about this, I’d say all of the other drivers have nailed it spot on for the tactics to negotiate the road obstacles.

      P.S. – great skills are taught in Scania Truck Driving simulator to teach exactly this.

      I look forward to those coordinates. Thanks.

      1. Faelandaea

        Aha. Took another look at the pic. Based on the map I know where to go. Look forward to that YouTube video 🙂

      2. Nimeni.Altu

        you right…. sorry about that!!!

        1. Faelandaea

          It’s no big deal. I found the spot you were speaking about. It did scare the hell out of me because I heard the “scrape” sound for a nasty bump as I went over it, but I took no damage and pulled the trailer through.

          I do not drive trucks in real life. i wish I did. But I do off-road drive and that’s where I find an attraction to a lot of roads like this. One thing you are correct on is this: No – you can;t go fast on these roads. BUT the good news is, if you look at the map, there is an alternative road around to the North through Mahilyow (I probably butchered that spelling).

          Basically what I did was when I saw the nasty bump and the ruts, I just treated it like I treat roads when driving my Jeep – I picked up speed – not TOO much speed, but enough so that momentum would carry me through the obstacle. Even with the evil “crunch” sound, I kept on the pedal and didn’t let it settle. in real life that’s a fair good way to get REALLY stuck. I also stayed on the green paths, as the ruts are instant death for a truck of almost any type. Heck i would’t even put my Jeep into those ruts!

          When I checked the UI for damage – Nada. Everything was good, though I think on that one I’d take more damage to the truck chassis than the trailer.

          In real life – I’d have probably banged the bumper a bit. But she’d have pulled through I think. OH! And the most important part – I didn’t spill the Strawberry Ice Cream on the dash XD In real life though all that stuff would have been on the floor after that! LOL

          Did I mention that crunch hurt my ears? Anyway, while VERY difficult and meant for more patient drivers, the road can indeed be done. I hope you try it again sometime in your iveco, but if you have a front bumper accessory that rides low, I’d suggest removing it. It’s been a LONG time since I heard the “crunch” in ETS2 and I think next time I take this road I’ll be in a MAZ.

          1. Nimeni.Altu

            yeap :))) …you made it, i was never changed the course of GPS because i lsoe time and i probably running LATE…. and i want to drive cargos “EXCELLENT” …i mean perfect, …anyway, you drived a modded truck 😛 …with an original truck is more dificil…. i will try your way to pass that roads…
            I HAVE A QWESTION? can you give me he link of that truck man???
            can i be your friend on facebook???? …

          2. Faelandaea

            Actually the truck is default. All I did was add accessories on the inside and painted my own skin for it, but that’s the default Scania Streamline.

            The bumper is modded to have some extra lights, but I forget which mod it came from (what i do is take mods I download for accessories apart, edit them to my liking then pack them into my own personal accessories mod). But like I said you definitely do NOT want that bumper on that kind of road LOL. It sits kinda low.

          3. Nimeni.Altu

            hey man, please give me your email…
            or write to me on [email protected]

  19. New profile ?

    1. Faelandaea

      Rade, that depends. You can actually add this map to the default profile and if you have TSM you can just add it to that and continue a current profile. All that happened to me was the game detected a major change so it reset me to my “home” garage with no penalty.

      I cannot attest to other map mods, though. My only experience with this map is with TSM and default/Scandinavia/going east.

      I hope this helps.

  20. OssiTheTrucker

    Guys, can someone explain me why I have only 7 FPS (everytime) ?
    I have every DLC and no other Map-Mods.


    1. Faelandaea

      Admittedly I run my game on a low end system, but yeah I get FPS issues in some areas of the map, but they are intermittent. I actually get good FPS in towns. It seems to be in the middle of open areas I get hit sometimes, so I am thinking foliage?

      Still, though, my PC is a bit old so it’s time for me to upgrade anyway. But here’s what I currently run if it helps for comparison:

      Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 4960X 3.6GHz (Six-Core) (OC to 4.44 GHz)
      ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition X79 (Intel X79 Chipset)
      64GB DDR3 1866MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum DHX
      2x SSD (1TB Samsung 840 EVO) in RAID 1
      2x SSD (1TB Samsung 840 EVO)
      2x Storage (4TB Western Digital – Black Edition)
      2x SLI Quad (NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black 6GB (Includes PhysX)

  21. Hey guys,I’ve downloaded this map but don’t know how to install it! I read the readme but can’t understand a thing!! Please someone help me out with step by step install instructions!!

  22. Иваныч


  23. Please reply only in English!! Please help me out soon ppl!!

    1. Faelandaea

      The reply wasn’t to you 🙂 It was just someone rating the map a 10/10 🙂

      The install is simple . . . drop the mod in your folder (like any other mod) and activate.

  24. Yes…..I did that right when I downloaded the map! But the game kept on crashing!! That’s why I put a question regarding it on the internet!!

  25. You call THAT \a low end system\?!
    I run on:
    AMD Athlon II X3 455 (3.31 GHz)
    AMD ATI Radeon HD 6570 [ASUS EAH6570/DI/1GD3(LP)], 800/1050 MHz, Catalyst 11.12
    3.00 GB DDR2 RAM
    Windows XP

    And I don’t consider even that \a low end system\
    But I’m Bulgarian 😉
    (i still didn’t tested this map. Usual FPS is 20-25. The lowest FPS is 8-9 sometimes in Traffic jams on HUNGARY_MAP_byFrank007_0.9.25_1.18
    The graphics is almost on high/ultra except no HDR (I hate it), no grass, and shadows & mirrors on medium.

  26. Your work is really great! But there’s another thing I’d like to ask you about: please, make a special version without DLC Scandinavia&East. The fact is that far from everyone has those extensions. So what have to do a hundredaire russian virtual truck driver without Russia? ))

  27. your map is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good job 🙂

  28. please make work perfect for 1.19.x version of game

  29. I love this map. Please make it for 1.19.x. 🙂

  30. Justin Woodz

    I really like the map, it is very realistic, travel in Russia 🙂
    But there is a problem, the map of the world, can not be seen in parts of Russia, he got stuck in Poland.
    How to solve it?

  31. hi there , could you continue this mup up to ArhaRhangelisk, Murmansk
    king regards

  32. hei please include Russian Open Spaces Map v2.2 mod too

  33. Very good map. Russian Open Spaces expand it in the East side, so it can be mixed.
    What about expanding this map south? I don’t found Ukraine map that works with RusMap yet, what about other connect ways from Poland ?

  34. is says this map is password protected, what is the password?

  35. зделайте плз для верси 1.22

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