Russia Express map V3.0


Working with DLC.

New cities added:
Russia, Belarus, and original countries.



55 thoughts on “Russia Express map V3.0

  1. works with 1.7.0 ???

  2. Tyatkov Valery

    Не красиво с Вашей стороны – я Вам не давал разрешения на размещение моей карты.
    И тем более Вы перезалили карту и выставили свою ссылку на скачивание!!!
    Вам не стыдно воровать и таким способом зарабатывать себе бонусы и авторитет????

  3. yes

  4. viva russia

    fantastic map congratulations valera t and all those who are involved
    I wonder what the team tsmmap is optimized for their map
    map fantastique bravo valera t et a tous ceux qui on participé
    je me demande ce que la team tsmmap fait pour optimisé leur map

  5. The link does not work?

    1. it’s working for me

  6. Does this work with : Going East & Promods ?!

    1. You need to start a separate profile.

  7. новую игру надо начинать v 2.0?

  8. the file does not exist any more. can somebody load the file again?

      1. I can’t registry to goba6372.
        captcha Always wrong.
        The site changes after I insert.
        I’m sure that I’m insert the correctS captchaS.

  9. Help please

    The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.

    Possible causes of this error could be:
    – The file expired
    – The file was deleted by its owner
    – The file was deleted by administration because it didn’t comply with our Terms of Use

    Any other link?

  10. Download link not working

  11. link dead

  12. map is here side clik euro truck simulator 2 and map! ihope this helps!

  13. The Player

    For me download link is working, after check the map i will write how was playing on it.

  14. Well i dunno,i hope it works with Promods .. but from the pics id say otherwise .. and untill the download link is clear *here on this site* i’ll skip .. it’s a bit too shifty ..

  15. Map worksz with v1.7 and DLC –> optimized map

    choose EUROPE

    very good job

    1. Thank you very much …

    2. на самом деле? Круто. Еще раз спасибо Valera_t

    3. crash 1.7.0 pliz help?

  16. thx Viva chico and groucho to links! map is very nice and big! thx Valera T!warning: but why road M8 Belarus and Russian boder is closed? is this bug? please fix this road!other great job any way!

  17. This Map is not respect the SCS program rules, you try to make something better but you not respect the way SCS make this program run.

    1. what rules?

      Games’s basic map is a sucks, boring…

  18. Александр

    пропала загрузка

  19. these sites in weekend are terrible! veeeeeeeery slow

  20. ATTENTION: key for this download:

  21. New save is neccesary to create? I mean, is it possible to play with old save using this save?

  22. I use my old profile – base map + dlc

    and activate the Russia Express map

    and works fine

    1. groucho dit chico

      for better sound (more immersive)
      File: def / game_data /
      interior_sound_volume: 0.3 / / Interior sound attenuation value (the outside sounds Will Have 5% of original volume)
      interior_sound_pitch: 0.6 / / SOund pitch for outside sound group When camera is in interior

  23. There’s no need to create a new profile. The map will work fine on 1.7.0+Going East. You just have to enable this from your profile *edit* and the map and jobs ( according to your level ofcourse ) will be available ASAP.

    1. Oh, so if there there is no job even if I activated the mod + slept one time, it’s not a bug? I should wait more, or it’s something to do with my game?

  24. Hy please add working download link because I cant download says that if I Download file then says failed download

    1. Sry now I get correctly download file

  25. @ User .. looks like a conflict with another mod more likely,check your game.log file to have an ideea about where the problem might be,cheers 🙂

  26. LegoLeipzig

    Auf 1.7.1 alles OK Danke für die schöne Karte.

    In 1.7.1 all OK Thanks for the beautiful card.

    В 1.7.1 все ОК Спасибо за красивую открытку.


  27. Thanks for map! The map will work on 1.7.1+Going East but unfortunately does not work with Promods Scandinavia.You need to choose one of them – either Russia or Scandinavia,because the two don`t work together. It`s a great pity!

  28. kentworth w900

    when i pick up a job my game crash… someone can help me plz ??

  29. Works fine with 1.7.1 patch + DLC
    just be careful with private mods . (have to test each of your own) some work some make a crash – but no problem as map includes enough good stuff .
    Very nice to drive . Well made trailor and AI inside . Also real companys and more .
    Thanks for this Map
    Bolshoi spacibo 🙂

  30. If someone want to try play with Goiing East map extension then this crash the game but this map extension doesnt imprtant. Author, why is Russian and Europe map road not connected and if you can make future that can zoom basic map too or I can change somethint that I can zoom basic map(if choose job this map is fine)

    1. sry my mistake about map zooming. I correct my sentense, that I mean if I select job then this map can’t zoom and world map can zoom

  31. The Player

    Great map, for me work with real environment 2.5 for 1.7.0. Thank you, piece of great work.

  32. Valera_t can you make mod that adds road or two between russia and europe

  33. This map v3 is really a graphics hog for slower machines. In Russia the loading rate can crash your machine if you have a medium graphics card and not much ram to play with.
    If you want to play only Russia then select the Russian map and start in Russia, because the European map will not connect with the Russian map or even show up when you get to the European map border.
    If you plan to use both the European and Russian portion then use only European map when starting new profile. The two portions work flawlessly but when you get in Russian towns the graphics are massive and slow to load on slower computers, and can cause it to crash.
    The map is done well and have not had any problems that I didn’t have with V2. I used the same profile but changed to many things and had to start new profile because I lost the loads page witch turned blank for loads.
    Word of the day is go slowly and enjoy the new additional towns in this version.

  34. It has very nice then can connect Russia and Europe with road then is bretty good map.

    James you change the config file the uset g_fps \1800\ example then loads better and faster

  35. nice map

  36. have problems with the different traffic that comes with the map….. wanna play with normal traffic…. how remove them without crashing?

    1. Richard, take a look into the comments for the 3,2 version . In one answer is a description, how to delite the Ai traffic without any problems .

  37. Man_Driver

    Tested 1.7.0 ?

  38. Peterbilt_Truck

    Comment peut-on traverser de l’Europe à la Russie?
    Je n’ai pas trouvé de chemin ou de ferry…

  39. crash 1.7.0 pliz help?

  40. works witch

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