Russia + Kazakhstan Map

Russia+Kazakhstan-Map-1 Russia+Kazakhstan-Map-2

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Before starting game create new profile (also you can try on your old profile) choose “russia” module then play
Tested 1.10.x.x versions

Author: by_dan2000


41 thoughts on “Russia + Kazakhstan Map

  1. scania164lfan

    Anhoter link pleazzzze

    1. I am uploading it to MEGA

      Video of gameplay please!

    2. By my its not Working on 1.12 please update this map its so nice but its crashing when i start

  2. works on 1.11 ?

  3. scania164lfan

    Which mode should I choose? there is a fashion of: ru.mbd and rus.mbd

    1. ru.mbd

  4. scania164lfan

    fashion=mode sorry

  5. Crashes me to desktop randomly – No other Mods running.

    ETS2 v1.10.1

    1. Me too – fast job and crashed after few hundred meters.

  6. Run on

  7. Can U give UR map an anyother webhosting (mediafire ?? )
    Is UR map co-worked with any other map ??

    Thx for Ur Answer.

    Best Regards.

  8. tested by_dan2000 ??? ###
    best guy for this job

  9. 1) select RUS.MDB but no one city is enabled to be HQ – Main garage. so you will need abort the game.

    2) select RU.MDB and you have the russia map over Europe Vanilla map. A mess.

    Tested only this mod on ETS2 v1.10.1.19s.

    1. … cities over oceans, etc.

      1. … oh. selecting EUROPE.MDB you game wil… crash. XD

  10. its too large file to download.. pls compress

  11. No Europe? Useless map

    1. It’s a standalone map. It’s like the Romanian Map or the Turkish Map. It starts by its own, not connected to ETS2’s Europe map. It’s not useless -_-

  12. Абдуль

    Хули вы ноете инострашки хуевы? Бля если руки из жопы растут то в этом виноваты только вы сами и никто больше! У меня всё работает и никаких проблем нет!

    1. На какой версии у вас работает?

      1. Абдуль


        1. from Steam?

          1. Абдуль

            of course.

  13. Hatte mir das Mod in einem neuen Spiel geladen und läuft NICHT!!! Schade

  14. Can somewhon make a video of it in this map? and I read that it crashes a lot so I don’t know if I can download it. but at the first look at the picture it looks not bad

    1. Well the map works for me, but a lot of invisible walls, by some feul stations are invisible walls and some companys. and the detail and all is not so high its bit disappointing, so I remove the map for now, when there is a update il check it out, hope you fix the bugs soon

  15. работает на 1.10 вылетов нет

  16. О, я так хотел играть русскую карту за Valera_t, один стиль GOBA, который будет работать хорошо

    Почему это, что для двух игроков, использующих v1.10.19s в латыни и европейских, не работает, но русский, да? XD

    Хороший вопрос для пара и СКС

    Oh, I so wanted to play a Russian map beyond Valera_t, one Goba style that would work well

    Why is it that, for two players using v1.10.19s, to Latin and European does not work, but Russian, yes? XD

    Good question for Steam and SCS

  17. carl dale

    what do you mean by choosing “russia” module

  18. carl dale

    what do you mean by choosing “russia” module

    1. You go to the select map option when you create new profile, and you pick RU.MDB.

  19. Great mini map Thx! some bugs ihope fix next update! my ETS2 screenshot (fin) Hei Suomi pojat käykääs peukuttamassa ja komentoimassa mun facebook sivuja !kovin on kuollutta miksi?

  20. i have no gps with the map ??

  21. I Like This Map. It’s A Bit Basic But Full Of Creativity And Variety. Please Update It To Work On v1.11 🙂

  22. Please Can You Update This Map To Work On v1.11?

  23. wywala do pulpitu,trzeba przerobić do 1.1.11

  24. ###? Don’t work on game version 1.10! I choose ru.mbd. I choose rus.mbd. Don’t work! Say me how to make it working. Мне уже все надоело.

  25. KristianLukic

    Works thanks!! 🙂

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