Russia Map Orient Express Project + DLC v 3.2


– Author prefabs used to create original solutions
– Because of an incomplete investigation of the slab, the traffic does not move on prefabricated housing in all directions
– There may be problems with the display the right way on the roundabout into his GPS Navigator – recommended passage
– Strictly on street signs performed in the field of art. Petersburg and north
– Driving on winter roads only senkventalnoy or manual box
– Otherwise you can not even move

Authors: Valera_t, SCS, Stalker45, Gluk, FLD, Jazzycat


48 thoughts on “Russia Map Orient Express Project + DLC v 3.2

  1. Do you finally made a road/ferry to link Russia and Europe?

  2. dumbass-shitupload…

    this is not 3.2, but it is 3.0,
    same map as the post before…

    1. Russia Map Orient Express Project + DLC v 3.2

  3. same map, but less mb size

    1. less .rar file but same .scs

  4. Yes, is the same as Russia Express V3.0 map

  5. Valera_t, you should,
    : make separate files with AI Traffics
    : be careful with Map density
    : Texture size
    : climb your mountains getting car or trucks pushing damaging your trailer, by the angle of the mountain.
    Make your build set under SCS program rules,
    i’m use ETS21.7.1 + DLC with TSM-Map_4_X_map
    ETS21.7.1 + DLC with promods-map-v101
    both have a right game play without sudden crash.
    In your MOD, let users choose what they want to modify ( AI Traffic, trailers and maybe market value), because you send to users a MAP Mod also to this heavy change you have to describe it (this is apply to all MOD’ers)
    Thank you.


    1. Evox, автор карты, а именно Валерий ничего Вам не должен!!! Или у Вас понятие совесть напрочь отсутствует, или Валерий дал право на размещение мода на стороннем ресурсе? Насколько мне известно это исключено. Так что молчите в тряпочку и призадумайтесь об авторском праве, со всеми вытекающими из этого последствиями…

    2. make your own map and stop whining

  6. The Player

    It would be grat if i could choose what i can change in my game, because with ai traffic my game slow down little bit. Still working but slow down. The map is nice anyway.

    1. carré d'as

      For those who have a weak PC!
      traffic can be disabled
      removing all the rage in the def / file / vehicle
      truck_traffic_storage.sii – it is an extra freight traffic.
      traffic_storage.sii – it is complementary. passenger traffic.
      During the game or does not, except that the traffic will remove, start a new game is not necessary.

  7. Argosy2013

    Great ideas guys! But why release incomplete?

  8. Author tell that how and if can go to Europe to Russia in road or some other way if choose playing the Europe map

    1. Yeah, I was in Belarus, I passed trough the customs (better than the simplified TSM & SCS borders) to Poland and fell into infinite abyss.
      By the way, I don’t know which city cuz the names are in cyrillic. 🙁

      1. You say that you gross border to Russia or Europe. What city mustbe go then

        1. I said that after the border the road ends sudenlly on this abyss.

        2. Sorry dude, it (ONLY) works fine with DLC, you can travel Poland-Belarus-Russia with the roads Lublin-Brest and Bialystok-Hrodna. Sorry Valera_t too, but it was your fault: you never answer correctly.

      2. “… cuz the names are in cyrillic. :(”

        of course ^^

  9. The map doesn’t look bad,they proly just rushed the release a bit. I’m sure with a bit more work and compatibility with the ProMods 1.01 we can extend our trucking borders even further east. Looking forward to that. Overall your work is pretty good guys,keep making it better 🙂 PS : would help a whole lot if names would be in english,eh ? Cheers !

  10. yes yes this is 3.0

  11. Author, please bring the road between Europe and Russia city then can deliver load another country. Anyway is map great but only no road between Russia and Eurpe city what connects is very bad

    1. this map works fine, just sort your mods and it will work.

      1. Can you drive in Europe in Russia when you choose play method Europe?

  12. Video or map-screenshot please!

  13. yyussangzay

    hallo friends all, this is the same folder with v 3.0
    because I’ve tried to use the v3.0 but on the PC I use medium graphic settings alone is the way it was too stagnant stagnant, whereas before I used the size of the gb folder over no problem, why is the folder that is not able to walk normally, but if it is different from the folders v.3.0 I will try to use the V.3.2 thanks greetings friends and all, I’m from Indonesia …

  14. ouch. I was thinking that can play with Promods:

    00:00:34.803 : Loading road data ….
    00:00:34.803 : Mismatch between number of road materials and road kerb materials. Might cause a crash
    00:00:34.805 : [unit] File ‘/def/world/road_look.promods.sii’, line 12:
    00:00:34.806 : [unit] The unit name ‘road.look29’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘road_look’).
    00:00:34.806 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/world/road_look.promods.sii)
    00:00:34.806 : .\management\core_resource_server.cpp(398): [email protected][email protected]@@UAEXXZ: data error

    I tried to install with a new profile but when try to see the map shows anything. just background black

    1. you can’t play two maps at the same time, just remove the promods and the map will work

  15. Nach der Stufe 3 Systemcrash. habe es aufgegeben. Hat halt keine Qualität. Habs beendet mit delete.

    1. selbst schuld, musste deine Mods besser sortieren. ich fahr die Map mitm alten langsamen Rechner und es gibt Null Probleme. KOmmt halt drauf an wie man das Spiel und die Grafik einrichtet. Dann klappts auch mit jedem Mod.

  16. Honestly with some little improvements this map will be the real Going East dlc. 😉
    The traffic is much richer and changed a lot,much more little goodies(helicopter for traffic surveillance,traffic accidents,motocycle) etc.Of course when are more trucks on the roads or in the cities,the game slow a bit.
    Good work boys,keep it up.



  18. Ptkmlk220596

    The map working with Tsm map 4.x ???

  19. The Player

    @carré d’as

    Thank you, it works:)

    1. map very good, but unfortunately does not rotate along with TSM MAP 4X. If someone could please take the hint. thank you

  20. I would like to recomend a game for you :

  21. A very good map :>

  22. I have only map viewer problem.

  23. map very good, but unfortunately does not rotate along with TSM MAP 4X. If someone could please take the hint. thank you

    1. 2 Maps will not run together so choose which one you want to run.
      Use the TSM 4 map, (V5 is not far away) and have a separate profile and use this map.

  24. Simontrucker

    Nice map, it works fine.

  25. georgie59

    moc dobrá mapa doufám že budete pokračovat v rozšiřování. Velký dík za tuto mapu

  26. This map is the real Going East: works perfectly with DLC. I was wrong at November 17, 2013 at 7:32 pm just ignore that post.

    Hey guys of SCS: take valera to your team! We need more roads, always.

  27. This #### pack screwed up my save file. I didn’t even select it on the mod list, it was just in my file. Now, all the jobs are empty. Literally, there are no jobs out there and this was the only thing that had changed in between my game plays. Just lost over 1billion eur on a game. Nice.

  28. Vladimir Poteryaev

    Good. But what about restrictions 50kmph in Russia? Please send me a photo of 50’s sign placed in Russia.
    Restrictions are 20-40-60-etc.

  29. convert the map for latest game version

  30. Russia Map Orient Express Project + DLC v 3.2 link:

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