Russia map v1.0


Author: Valera_t


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  1. piotr73 says:

    Looks like DNA !! XD

  2. fuzionz says:

    dont work

  3. MAN-TGXa 18,440 XLX Fan says:

    Ehm muss ich dafรผr meine MAP
    Afrika Tunisia Algieria wechseln oder neu Anfangen was von beides ???????????????? bitte um Nachricht oder Peer E-Mail in Facebook oder so DANKE SPASIBO Balschoj ๐Ÿ™‚ Bratan

  4. Duongspy says:

    @fuzionz: it works…plz test agains…Thanks author, I really like the map of Russia ^^

  5. Milkov says:


  6. salvis says:

    Will it work of version 1.1.1?

    • Duongspy says:

      I’m playing the latest version, I think it is only for the version (author wrote above) You should up to latest version to be able to use more new mod ๐Ÿ˜€

      • salvis says:

        But how can I update, if I have illegal version of game?

        • Mak-Kyver says:

          SALVIS buy legal!!! and keep game alive!!!!!!

        • Johan Wiqvist says:

          I hope that you get banned and that no person help you.

          And I am glad that you can not update the game.

  7. Racer says:


  8. Skruckis says:

    Works, but steering wheel rotating very fast, any ideas why?

  9. Mak-Kyver says:

    Admin can u put other place to dl?? everyone cant load by zippyshare.. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

  10. Moderater says:

    best place to make the download link work for eveyone is on Mediafire as people that are on dial-up moble brodband can still download from

  11. EuroTruckSimulator says:

    new link still dose on work for everyone. put it on mediafire then eveyone can download it

  12. Regwiem says:

    Euro Truck Simulator-2 Orient Express “St. Petersburg – Vyborg”

  13. Dennis says:

    Well, I installed it properly…
    Nothing happens..
    The scs file is password protected, may be the game cannot access the content?

  14. fuzionz says:

    ok it dose work u need to start a new game

  15. Bonesz says:

    Is it Europe + Russia, or if I install it I’ll have only Russia?

  16. Frank says:

    Admin. Thanks for the wonderful map. i love Russia.
    But these are Bugs found while playing.
    1- Steering is so fast and affects seriously the control of the trucks.
    2- Petersburgh port. Parking full of cars so is nearly impossible to access the Ship. The only way is by crushing the cars and trucks parked there. Should have different access.
    3- Everytime I am looking for job they send me to Europe, and once there, there isn`t any jobs available in Russia again.
    Any update any time soon???

  17. Stefan says:

    hey guis you can see the map of russia when press M ….i dont see …only what i see is Europe and Enlish … i dont see town of russia on the central map ….only in the gps …can help me plese ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Frankk says:

    it is playable and huge.
    When there are trucks park at the port of Petersburg, better park and sleep and if lucky after that there will be space to go through to the ship.
    Adjust steering to the minimum and it will be playable.
    I play it together with a winter mod and works fine.
    After playing for a while jobs are available to Russia from Europe
    Upgrade would be great anyway
    Thanks for the map anyway.

  19. TVK says:

    the link’s dead…

  20. AlexanderLuna says:

    File does not exist on Zippyshare server

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