Russian Flag Mod

This Mod add Russian Flag for All truck.
You must select side mirrors.



7 thoughts on “Russian Flag Mod

  1. Зачем????????????

    1. Stabon-Strapon

      To the engine quickly boil due to the overlapped flag grille, as an option ?

  2. Anthony Perry

    This is a unreal mod as the Engine would seriously overheat

  3. Andre Konon

    This is the flag of the country of the aggressor and the Accupant, to ban it here
    Этот флаг страны агрессора и акупанта, запретить его тут

  4. OK, but the Images show only a Convoy over a short Distance. This Mod is nothing to go from Germany to France, etc.

    If you are a Trucker, you should know, that the Engine heats up when covering the Front.

  5. тряпка какая-то

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