Russian Flag Mod

This Mod add Russian Flag for All truck.
You must select side mirrors.



7 Responses to Russian Flag Mod

  1. dymer says:


    • Stabon-Strapon says:

      To the engine quickly boil due to the overlapped flag grille, as an option ?

  2. Anthony Perry says:

    This is a unreal mod as the Engine would seriously overheat

  3. Andre Konon says:

    This is the flag of the country of the aggressor and the Accupant, to ban it here
    Этот флаг страны агрессора и акупанта, запретить его тут

  4. JoachimK says:

    OK, but the Images show only a Convoy over a short Distance. This Mod is nothing to go from Germany to France, etc.

    If you are a Trucker, you should know, that the Engine heats up when covering the Front.

  5. Sirozza says:

    тряпка какая-то

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