Russian Open Spaces City English + Road Atlas

Russian-Open-Spaces-City-English-+-Road-Atlas-2 Russian-Open-Spaces-City-English-+-Road-Atlas-1

City English for Open Space Russian 2.4 and 2.3.1 road atlas necesed prioriti manager mod

Author: sorin

DOWNLOAD 4 MB [Sharemods]

2 thoughts on “Russian Open Spaces City English + Road Atlas

  1. Thanks for the work you have done here!

  2. You could have left a warning it includes no damage mod. I had to remove all mods one by one to find out that you disabled damage in game_data.sii
    If someone else has this problem simply change following lines:
    truck_damage_coef: 0.0000 // truck damage coef per hit, impact speed squared modified by weights
    trailer_damage_coef: 0.0000
    truck_to_trailer_dmg: 0.0 // how much damage is transferred from truck to trailer (and vice versa)

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