Russian Open Spaces Map v2.1


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Version 2.1:

– Bugs fixed
– Added a new version of the weather
– To install, replace the existing file from a previous version

Map of Russia (53 New City)

Supported version of the game:
1.16.2 + DLC Going East

Some features of the Map:
– On the map there are more than 40 hidden roads of the different road surface and a length of from 5 to 762 km
– 12 military units with their garages
– 13 ferries and 4 airports provide domestic and international shipping
– Three railway station for transportation in Russia
– The remaining features will find themselves

Compatibility with third party mod:
– Can be combined with 90% of existing cards, but it is not specifically tested, so experiment and share your results in this thread.
– Packs trailers from Jazzycat
– Any offline trailers
– Compatibility with other mods have not been tested and has not been tested

When distributing make sure to save the authorship (whole list) and the original download link.


DOWNLOAD 11.7 MB without weather
DOWNLOAD 11.7 MB with weather

37 Responses to Russian Open Spaces Map v2.1

  1. noune45 says:

    elle est compatible avec rusmap

    • RiXeN says:

      no, you have to use one or the other.

      • kiwikh87 says:

        Do not listen to the #####… Yes its compatible! I play with TSM+RusMap+RoMapAddon+BalticStates+RusOpen Spaces…

      • kiwikh says:

        Good Idea. Implementation sucks!

    • Darsh71 says:

      salut. perso, moi avec promods ou tsm ca fonctionne mais je ne vois aucune route pour y acceder…;

  2. goba says:

    Version with weather works only IWR 5.5.5

  3. kisscool says:

    tsm + rusmap ver 1.4.8 + RoMapAddOn_v4.2 + Baltics Country Map + Russian open spaces

    le jeux fonctionne reste a voir si ca plante pas en jouant

    • nina97 says:

      It crash when doing a route. I had all the maps from above enable too.

  4. Chickenlights&chrome says:

    Keeps crashing–even in new profile???

    • willem says:

      yup crashes game everytime with or without any other mods or with or without new profile 🙁

    • nina97 says:

      Tried putting both 2.0 and 2.1 in there and play enable both version and play it.Let us know.

  5. Paulo Amaral says:

    parabens pelo mapa , visual grafico excelente, funciona com mario mapa, rusmap 1.48, baltic map, EAA2.1, continue assim , obrigado

    congratulations on map, visual graph excellent work in my game with mario map, rusmap 1:48 , baltic map, EAA2.1 , keep it up , thank you

    felicidades por mapa, gráfico visual excelente trabajo en mi juego con el mapa mario , rusmap 01:48 , mapa báltico , EAA2.1 , sigue así , gracias

  6. kisscool says:

    bon après avoir rouler ça planter

    Russian Open Spaces Map v2.1 n’est pas compatible avec la TSM 5.4 sais bien dommage

    TSM 5.4 + Russian Open Spaces Map = crash

  7. ETS2 Fan says:

    Hey Guys today released the latest promods version. So I try to inform is it compatible with open space or rusmap. Stay tune!

    • ETS2 Fan says:

      Ok guys I made a some tests to make with different maps with promods v190. You can’t compatible with rusmap 1.4.8. but only with Open Space. I have no idea yet how to get in russia because there is no road conection between both maps. If someone try to figured out please inform.

    • Donlayn says:

      Hi ETS2Fan:

      This map does not work with ProMods 1.90 I just checked and only appear the cities of ProMods, the cities of this map does not appear.

  8. Chema_C says:

    Having no other mods activated, in a new profile, after the first trial delivery the job market is empty. I can’t continue. I selected to start in a city named Kobop or whatever

    • nina97 says:

      There should two other files that go with this one like 2.0 files. In the 2.0 there were three files. There should be Russian_open_spaces and Russian_open_spaces_map and Russian_open_spaces_model. In 2.1 there one file and that what keep crashing. I keep the 2.1 file and put other two from 2.0 which are : Russian_open_spaces and Russian_open_spaces_model. Try that !!! I hope explain it okay.

      • Chema_C says:

        Thank you, but I have all those files activated (I just overwrote the .map files with the one from this update)
        In fact I have no crashes: it’s just that there are no quick jobs available after I have completed the first delivery.
        Since I can’t get no more money (no bank email yet) I can’t buy a truck, so I will try with a new profile and new start city.

  9. nina97 says:

    Tried a different city besides kobop(probably bug) and see.

  10. Chema_C says:

    Partially solved: Removed trailer pack by Jazzycat (the mod mentioned by the author), and some quickjobs appeared…although they were all 5 km deliveries (600 € pay :)) inside the same starting city.
    At least I could drive to nearest city to discover it.

    Maybe Jazzycat trailer packs needs to activate the .scs files named as “for russian maps only”, which I had not.
    Tip: Perhaps the author should recommend some starting cities.

    • nina97 says:

      Yeah do that expand your map more. That KBPOB city there only that amount of jobs in that city anyway. That the problem not enough deliveries there. Expand your map.

  11. Vader says:

    Very good and very interesting card !! Congratulations! But I have only one comment:
    Ambient the sound too loudly heard in the cabin. For example: roosters, dogs and chainsaws.
    But the sound from the engine is too low. This is not real. There is no balance.
    Mr. Morozov, please give your password or tell me how to fix this troublesome problem.

    [email protected]

  12. sory87 says:

    now on truck dealers crashes again or not ?

  13. paulo says:

    good day , with Eaa map enabled him giving this a conflict that leaves you irsair port cities ( saints, paranagua ) to go to another city in the map, it crashes and closes the road clovers , if you would like to correct grateful.

  14. paulo says:

    parabens, works very well with Mario map, baltic , rusmap , graphics and excellent audio .

    • Gyuri73 says:

      Mario map + a rus és odaérek BbITElPA városban a Meri kereskedéshez érve kilép a játékból.

      Hiba kód 0x0168f9d2 0x00000044

  15. paulo says:

    Please leave this map compatible with the EAA map because when active map russia open spaces, can not get out of the port cities of EAA map and go to another city in Brazil, the game crashes and closes , it only happens to me with the map russia open spaces. Thank you , I hope that a next update is corrected , once again thank you for your attention.

  16. 10001000111110000 says:

    Map is very good, however I have been having problems when going to large truck dealer in one of the local cities, the game crashes 🙁

  17. Truckman says:

    i speak spanish sorry for my english
    “doesn’t work with rusmap” please fix that, that be cool
    please please, I’d like play with rusmap and russian, rusia is very big

    tsm + rusmap + dk18+ ro map+ baltic+ south of korea

  18. Milka 78 says:

    Crash for truck dealer,service…tested Rus Map 1.4.8+Balti+Going+TSM 5.4 1.16.2/1.16.3.

    Gyuri73 : Nálam is ugyan ez a probléma,de megpróbáltam kikerülni,más útvonalat használni,de szervíz,kereskedés és bármely komolyabb tereptárgynál kifagy.Ez így törlés…

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