Russian Open Spaces v 2.3.1

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Update 2.3.1
– To make a new road from the beloved to the Kirov.
– New Town (Village) – Stepanova.
– Altered all the barriers at the crossing. By default are independent.
– Altered all trailers. Added Loda.
– Fixed entry into the aircraft for flight.
– Fixed the previous version.

1.21 + DLC Going East!
DLC «Scandinavia» – not necessarily

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28 thoughts on “Russian Open Spaces v 2.3.1

  1. DrunkDriver

    Does it require a new profile?
    I`m already using previous version.

  2. DrunkDriver

    I downloaded and replaced the previous version with this one.
    Everything worked fine, no new profile required.
    However, I noticed there is no more connection between rus map and open spaces.I think new map fix will be required.
    Also, some roads looks broken in world map.The line between cities appears to be broken.Not sure if there some part of the road is missing.Will check, and report.

    1. well, pressing [M] to view map I don’ t see any dead end to connection RusMap.

      I use files from (ets2 v1.21.1.4s)

  3. Karina-Moskva

    Nice !

  4. Nice Map. Also works with MHA Map.
    Very good work.

  5. i need no damage mod for ets2 1.21 which support with Russian Open Spaces v 2.3.1 and others mods

  6. works with tsm and rusmap??

    1. Yes but can have some issues in game.log.txt

      these below occurs and v2.3:

      00:00:31.469 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.posped.carlisle to m_musor1(berlin)!
      00:00:31.512 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.stokes.plymouth to m_musor1(berlin)!
      00:00:31.518 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.wgcc.bratislava to m_musor1(berlin)!
      00:00:31.521 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.sanbuilders.brno to m_musor1(berlin)!
      00:00:31.574 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.nbfc.liverpool to m_musor1(berlin)!

  7. this is version, is not compatible mario map. ok

    1. is compatible yes
      I played yesterday

  8. TY for updating МОРОЗОВ

  9. Nice work the version I am using is the maps are TSM 6.0 and Russia open i like to know if any other maps all work with what I got

  10. Nice map but next update PLS delete snow,many would make noodles folders without snow!!!

  11. Donetskguerrillas

    Вот шо делают ваши выкладанные карты, когда поедишь через Житомир в Пензу-

    Ведь с тобой мой мусорок
    Я попутала рамсы
    Завязала узелок
    Как тугие две косы 🙂

  12. please delete speed limiter 20-40km/h with snow road its really bad and unrealistic

    1. yes this is so annoying…. if your gonna do anything concering snowy roads, make there be less traction.

  13. Hó nélkül tök jó lenne. De így lassú.

  14. I revise my opinion, it is unplayable because of snow the most extreme braking a.

  15. Hi,

    if you want support, take a look here:

    The english and german version of ROS 2.3.1 you can find here:

    best regards

  16. To bad it crash on my system with TSM , love the Idea of traveling with Antonov Transporter 🙂 , promising .

  17. TSM nekem is leáll de Rusmap 1.5.2 térképpel eddig jó.

  18. ist das normal das man auf dem Map in Schnee nicht schneller fahren kann ? nur 50 km/h ?

  19. NICE ONE Thank you
    working whit Russia and Turkey map

  20. морозов у тебя сто нету реала? кокда поедишь там где наченаетса зима а то блять ехал 60км 30минут реального времени зделау каких 70-90km.. извини за руски

  21. Hallo Leute es ist ein coole Map , nur ich habe eine frage gibt’s auch ein mod mit Winter reifen ? weil ich kann nicht schneller fahren als 40 km/h ? ist schon ein bisschen langsam oder ? :))

  22. hey TTrucker ich bin in Polen groß geworden ich weis was Winter heißt , dort sin wir schneller als 40 km gefahren :))

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